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How the Food You Eat Impacts the Success of Your Business

How the Food You Eat Impacts the Success of Your Business

Remember the saying, “You are what you eat.”


Well, I’m here to tell you that “YOUR BUSINESS is what you eat.” In other words, what you eat can actually affect the success of your business!


The fuel you give your body directly impacts how you show up in your business every day. If you’ve felt indecisive, less than confident, and overall blah, it’s very possible that food could be the culprit.


The holistic approach to doing business plays SUCH a fundamental role in success, and that includes nutrition. So to help me dive deeper into this idea in preparation for the Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat, I consulted with Danielle Arsenault, my good friend and brilliant raw food chef & educator. 


Although she has spent almost ten years running Pachavega, her plant-based culinary arts institute, Danielle is still learning every day about the impact food has on our bodies. She’s constantly educating herself “about the power of plants and how they can heal our bodies, restore our gut, keep our mind sharp and our brain functioning at top capacity.”


Danielle’s mission is to transform whole, plant-based, sustainably sourced ingredients into the most delicious food you’ve ever had. That’s why I’m so excited that she’ll be providing all the meals for my upcoming Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua! 


By the way, the retreat is coming up quickly (April 14th through the 19th), and there are ONLY THREE SPOTS left, including just ONE remaining private lake view bungalow. The view is divine, and the space is unbelievably picturesque! If you’ve been tempted to take the leap and join us for this truly transformational experience but aren’t totally sure it’s right for you, let’s hop on a call to talk about your business!


How can food possibly affect my business?


It might seem strange at first to connect our mindset to our diets, but in reality, the whole body is connected. If there’s an imbalance in one part of your body, it will show up in some way, even if it’s in a completely different part of your body.


When we start to pay attention to the food we eat as fuel for all of our body processes, we can see how that fuel is connected to our minds. Danielle says, “When our nutrition is balanced, our brain is balanced.”


I’m sure we can all think of a time (or times??) when we ate junky food that was obviously not the healthiest choice and how we FELT afterward. Tired…unmotivated…crabby…scrambled. Those are not the feelings we want to have when running our businesses. All they do is keep us from serving people with our true talents and prevent us from achieving the business success we want, whether that’s hitting your first $10K month or racking up consistent $10K months.


As entrepreneurs, we want to feel confident! We want to know that what we have to offer matters and that we have unique gifts to share with the world. Believing in yourself is much easier when you’re clear-minded and energetic. I say it all the time: a holistic approach to your online business that factors in health AND wealth is so important!

Good food fuels your body AND your mind.


That’s exactly how I felt the last time I spent time with Danielle and her amazingly mouthwatering plant-based meals: clear-minded and energetic! And the effects spilled over into my business: 


  • Opportunities presented themselves to me more often. 
  • I aligned with people more easily. 
  • The clarity and ease I felt translated into business success for me.


Eating healthy food allows us to think more clearly, look at the big picture, and calm our nervous systems if we’re triggered or afraid. And think about it: when you fuel your body with fresh whole foods, your body FEELS good. So YOU feel good. And so, of course, your MIND feels good, which means you can make better decisions.


And when you feel good about yourself, you can accurately communicate the distinct value you offer to your prospective clients & customers. And believe me, they will FEEL that from you and want to be a part of it!


Is the extra cost of healthier food really worth it?


Some may argue that healthy food is more expensive. And if we’re talking only about dollars, then maybe yes. But if you consider healthy food as an investment in your health, both today and long-term, it’s WORTH it. 


Vegan or plant-based meals often cost more because they use quality ingredients instead of cutting corners. And the people making this type of food usually have higher ethics and standards. They pay fair wages to their workers. So Danielle always tells her students to look at the backstory of their food. If you pay for cheap food, you’re going to eat cheap food. And we all know how that affects us.


So the basic idea is: eat food that balances your brain, your hormones, your gut, and your whole body. The retreat attendees will get to experience this concept for all six days of our adventure on Ometepe Island. I can’t wait to hear about the changes they feel in their bodies and minds, as we break away from our usual routines and plan for success in a whole new bold way; one that focuses on what you’re truly here on this planet to do so that 2022 can be your biggest year in business yet!


How about enjoying appetizing, nourishing food on a game-changing island getaway?


Another thing I’m super-excited about with this retreat? In addition to fueling up with all of these nutritious superfoods, we’ll be surrounded by this gorgeously serene island backdrop, far away from our regular routines. Since we’ve got the food and nutrition details under control, you can focus 100% of your energy on your 2022 goals for yourself and your business. Imagine what you’ll accomplish! Especially with the one-on-one and group strategy sessions we’ll participate in throughout the retreat. Not only will your health improve, your wealth will, too.


Join us on the retreat to experience food made with love and intention.


I know first-hand how fabulous Danielle’s edible creations are and can’t wait to share them with you on this retreat in April! Danielle put it best when she said, “when you go to eat your food, you’re eating a work of art.” So if you weren’t tempted to join us before, I’m pretty sure you’re tempted now! Danielle’s carefully curated vegan menu will make your tastebuds sing!


Experiencing this specially-crafted food is just one of the transformational adventures you’ll have at the Wanderlust Intentional Business & Self-Care retreat. Our goal is to escape the confines of our everyday routines and truly dig deep into how we can make our business dreams come true. 


So are you ready for this tropical, mindset-shifting, business-building culinary adventure?


The rooms are filling up quickly! Five amazing entrepreneurs have already said YES to the business and self-care retreat, so there are 3 spots left, including ONLY ONE dreamy private lake view bungalow. Secure your spot by registering here by March 31st.


If you’ve heard about this retreat and are still unsure if it’s the right next step for this phase of your business, let’s chat! Schedule a call by March 31st, and we’ll talk about your business, where you want it to go, and whether or not this retreat is ideal for you.

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