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Client Success Stories

What was your problem before working with Meredith?

What were your results from working together?

Why would you recommend this service to someone who might be on the fence?

What surprised you most about working with Meredith?

Laurel Mason

 Meredith is awesome!! After a short introductory call with Meredith in which I described my business and told her the points I'm struggling with, we had a "Success Session" by video last week. During the meeting, Meredith walked me through a 6-month...
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Jessica Dubb

Meredith was very clear on the things I need to do in order to grow my online presence and authority in order to achieve the goals that I have for my Coaching Business. Meredith provided me with a step-by-step plan, went…
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Hayeh Wiseman

"Meredith has a very down to earth, grass roots approach as a leader which inspires positive thoughts and ideas to come alive and become reality! She has a sisterly feel that makes you comfortable and ready to smash…
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Samantha Scruggs

"Meredith has such a broad scope of knowledge of important and pertinent tools relevant to what is needed for success in business in today's world. She is relentlessly inspirational with her determination, wisdom, experience and skillsets. I am so grateful to know…
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Jessica Lin

"Meredith is an amazing human and coach. She will always support you and help guide you but make no mistake - she will push you past your comfort zone. Her style is unlike any other. If you're ready to get out…
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Ashley Belin 

"Entrepreneurs indeed have to undertake a lot of fear, doubt, confusion and thousands of micro-decisions just to get through the day. This can be an overwhelming and exhausting process for one person to tackle alone. Meredith's prolific background in psychology, international economics, and marketing create…
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Savannah Matthews

"Meredith positioned herself as an expert from the very beginning and gave me clear tools, strategies, and guidance I needed to take my next steps. It was such a breath of fresh air to be given a clear list of things…
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Micha Mayotte

"Meredith has such an inspiring, positive energy, and the longer we talked the more certain I was I needed to work with her! The Success Blueprint she set me up with is such a great comprehensive service. I truly could…
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Laura Corson

"Meredith is an incredible coach, leader and healer. She has a way of holding space, making you feel safe and comfortable. I have worked on several projects and businesses with Meredith, and I love how she shows up and empowers others to…
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Get Rid of Self-Doubt & Thrive in Business

(Without Stress or Fear)

 Get Rid of Self- Doubt & Thrive in business

(Without Stress or Fear)

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