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Scaling to Consistent $10K Months

Scaling to Consistent $10K Months

When you think of becoming the CEO of your business and scaling…do you cringe at the fear of mental stress? If so, let’s shift that today. Because you deserve to scale your business to consistent 10K months without stress, fear, or anxiety.


All it takes is a slight shift…


A shift in your mindset about hiring a team that will help you…

  • Focus on your zone of genius
  • Enjoy life offline
  • Scale your business to consistent $10K months


Yes! You can make those dreams a reality once you realize that doing everything to be resourceful as a CEO…does not mean you have to yourself.

Scale without stress, fear, or anxiety

Recently, I have witnessed fearless female entrepreneurs in my Facebook group begin to scale without stress, fear, or anxiety.  They joined me during my last masterclass on creating the foundation to earn their first 10K online. Inside our one-week intensives, they have shifted their mindset about scaling. And they are now closer to meeting their income goals.


But…they didn’t do it alone. 


They invested in hiring me as their holistic business coach – the right person for their team. So they could start scaling and earning consistent 10K months and more.


I’m so excited to see that they are achieving their goals and realizing their dreams without the stress, fear, or anxiety that many entrepreneurs face when scaling. 


This is my priority for you. So you can…

  • Make more money
  • Attract money into your life
  • Feel super free and abundant


It’s what makes my coaching different from other strategists and business coaches in the online space. And it’s how you will be able to do what you want in your business and your life – fearlessly


How I Scaled to $81K in 2019-2020

You might be thinking…ok, Meredith…you make it sound so easy.


Let’s be honest. Hiring a business coach as part of the team is not the same as hiring a VA, Content Creator, etc. So how does this help me?


How is it possible to scale to consistent 10K months by hiring a team without eating into my profits?


The answer starts with understanding that your dream team is not a cost…but an investment in the growth of your business.


This team will allow you to move forward, so you can make peace with delegating tasks. Tasks that don’t bring you joy or allow you to focus on your zone of genius.


It took me a while to understand this – which kept me stuck for years. Until I realized I needed help building my business the right way to make money easily and consistently. 


Once I had this mindset shift, I was able to double my revenue in 2020. February of 2021 was my first $12k month. And before the first week of April 2021 was over…I had already earned $4K by doing hands-off marketing.


But…I couldn’t have done this without hiring the dream team that allowed me to focus on my zone of genius. 


Hiring the right team gave me the freedom to take time off during the holidays and a week off in March & April. Don’t you wish you could say the same?


And what about your hobbies? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the free time to fit those into your day? For me, it’s been great to get back to my love of plants and to be in nature, camping with friends.  


Yup! Freedom, free time, and finding joy in your business are all possible with the right team.


How You Can Scale Too

Scaling to consistent 10K months begins with changing your mindset about delegating. It requires you to see your team as an investment in the growth of your business.


There’s no medal for building your business all by yourself. 


There is, however, a medal for stress. And I can guess that it’s a medal you don’t want to wear anymore.


So, if you are ready to let go of that not-so-great trophy…


I’m inviting you to join me on April 27th – April 29th inside my Facebook Group, where I will be hosting a FREE live masterclass on hiring the right team for your business growth. 


By taking action, you will scale your business to 10K consistent months with your dream team (and without burnout or wasted time and money).


Click here to register & enter to win a FREE week intensive with me.


Let’s change those $3k-$5k inconsistent months into $10k consistent months with the right team, and without wasting time in the onboarding process or money hiring the wrong person at the wrong time. See you inside! 

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