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How I Survived CovId & Made $12K in One Week Online

How I Survived CovId & Made $12K in One Week Online

When you have the right mindset, systems, and people to support you…anything is possible. For me, that includes making $12K in one week – while nursing myself and my boyfriend back to health from Covid. 


You would think I would be scared out of my mind the week in March when my boyfriend and I got Covid. Instead…I was pampering myself by eating lobsters, taking walks, stretching my body, and nursing my body with vitamins. 


Don’t get me wrong, surviving the virus is not an easy thing! 


But we both got through it because of my mindset and because I nurtured myself to health. Instead of focusing on the fear of dying (like my boyfriend), I focused on thoughts of healing. And that made all the difference.


Yes, my strong mindset practices on positivity, abundance, and living a long and healthy life helped make our experience more manageable. And it left space for my business to grow as well.


It’s how I can sit here and say that during that same week, I made $12k in sales – without having to be present in my business to do so.

More on mindset

It might be hard to believe. 


But, not so much when you consider that I have built my business on scaling without fear, stress, or overwhelm. And by focusing on building a mindset that helps me scale while gaining the freedom to live the life I want.


It’s what I teach my clients and how they have built sustainable businesses that are well on their way to six figures.


You, too, can do the same…


And it starts with having the right foundational system and then focusing on how you want to scale over the next three to six months or a year. 


But it includes building up your confidence and abundance mindset so you can shift from a five-figure business to that of a consistent six or seven-figure business.


Consistency is key here. 


When you consistently sew an abundance mindset…you will consistently reap the rewards of getting exactly the amount of money you need and want to sustain the lifestyle you want.


And your business will go from hobby to feeding your soul purpose and life goals.

The systems that helped me achieve $12K in one week 

Your mindset is not the only tool you need to help you scale. You also need to create the systems that give you the freedom to live the life you want. All while helping you prioritize your health and wellbeing.


So let’s talk about the systems that help you do exactly that. 


I was able to earn $12K the week I was sick with Covid because of these systems:

  1. Online automation
  2. Planning and delegation
  3. Launch strategies

These three simple systems allowed me to make the sale without me having to be present. Because I made it easy for potential clients to decide to work with me – through the use of clear CTAs and easily accessible payment systems.


By planning and delegating tasks – my absence did not stop important work from getting done. And I was able to focus on getting back to 100% without the added stress of the pile of work I was going to have to come back to.


The launch strategies that were used during this time…will allow me to take time off or at least relax more when I do my next launch. Because I know it works.


When you set up systems like these for your business…you can rest assured that having to step away due to illness or family will not stop you from having a thriving business.

How delegation helped me make $12K in one week

As I’ve said…mindset played a huge role in helping me get through CovId. It also was key in helping me earn $12K during that week – where I could not physically be present in my business.


And while systems also made this possible…I could not have achieved it without my team of four.


Three of those team members were present in my business and knew exactly what to do and when to do it…because of the planning we had done ahead and the systems I had in place.


As much as we start on this entrepreneurial journey as one…we need help to grow. So we can achieve the impact we want to see in the world around us.


We all have a soul’s purpose. For me…it’s empowering women to realize their own ability. And to master their domain in reality. So they can build their own six or seven-figure business with the right mindset. 


It’s a big one…just like yours. But impact this great needs the right support. 

Making the impossible…possible

As I said before…


When you have the right mindset, systems, and people to support you…anything is possible. 


Now it’s your turn to make the impossible…possible in your business. And I’m here to support you. 


I’m so excited to share that there are only 2 spaces left for my 1:1 6 month container, which means that the next time these spaces open will be in November!


This container has created such transformative results for my clients already inside, most notably one client who…

  • Quit her 9-5 in November after 3 months of working 1:1 with me replacing her full-time income, and now she’s making more money than she was with her 9-5
  • Launched her 2nd online business to support others in this process! Her calendar is already filling up with ideal client leads, and I’m so proud of all of the work we’ve done together in such a short amount of time! 

Another client is working on her first online course, and in the last week, she’s gotten clarity on her pitch, her ideal client, and we’re working to master her messaging so that she can attract her soulmate clients with her offer. 

More results include from my 1:1 clients:

  • One client earned her first $10k after launching her business within 4 months! We started from scratch with no business, and within 3 months, she’d not only launched her business but signed her first high ticket client
  • Another client just signed into our 6-month container and has signed 3 clients within 3 weeks of us working together, and had her highest income month (ever) since starting her business the first month we started working together

These results are REAL and they can be real for you too, with the right support and road map to help you get there. 

Want to see if this opportunity is right for you? 

I’m offering Free “Connection Calls” to connect on where you are right now in your business and how this coaching container may be the right fit for you to achieve your deepest desires. 


We’ll never know until we hop on a call together. And if you wait too long, you’ll have to wait until November. If you’re really serious about having these high-income weeks and months, then you’re not going to want to wait another day! 


Hop on a call by clicking here and let’s see if we’re the right fit to work together. 


I look forward to helping you build a scalable online business. One that helps you live a life of freedom, flexibility, abundance, and wellness.


Just two more spots left for this container and I know they will fill up fast as people come out of their cocoon & embrace summer. 


Let’s connect, click here to reserve your spot!

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