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Welcome Fearless Entrepreneur!

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to build, launch and/or scale your business online to hit your first $10k, $20k, or $30k + milestones, without the stress, fear or overwhelm of doing it all alone.

In 2020 my coaching business went from 0 to hitting $10k+ months and I closed the first half of 2021 with 5 and multiple 5 Figure cash months, all while spending less time online and more time in nature, traveling with loved ones.

And sure, these results are incredibly awesome (& what most entrepreneurs strive for) but what these numbers ACTUALLY represent are the clients who actualized their dreams into reality with my support! (Click the client videos below & learn more)

How can we work together 1:1 to create more wealth in your business, without sacrificing your health?
4 Ways to Work with Me in Q3 & Q4 2021:

DISCLAIMER: The following coaching containers are high-touch & high-impact, if you’re not ready to quantum leap your profits, confidence and business skills, or close more ideal client’s with ease, my coaching containers may not be right for you.

The below options compress my 14 years combined experience learning the best practices for online brand building & from being in the trenches of my own business, building to a multiple 5-Figure CASH sale months online…

One-Week Intensive ($350):

Together, we’ll map out your business goals, and with my proven online strategy & money mindset framework (guided by your intuition & lifestyle desires)

So that YOU attract and sign ideal clients consistently with EASE in a matter of weeks vs. years…

We’ll identify the number one thing to do that will increase your profits (w/o sacrificing more of your time or sacrificing your health), and during our 1:1 call you will get complete clarity on the step by step plan of action for our week and my support every step of the way to implement the plan.

Offer Includes: 

  • 60 minute 1:1 coaching support through video chat to identify & take action on what’s most important now to grow your business

  • E-mailed PDF with Homework within 48 hours of our call & recorded call video

  • M-F Support through voice message and email during the week to ensure you get your questions answered quickly & receive the mindset support so that we can shift limiting beliefs as soon as they come up

  • 30 min ‘Next Steps’ call to get crystal clear on your next steps to take to continue to grow your business with Ease

6-Month 1:1 Coaching (Only 1 Spot Left!)

Perfect if you’re ready to build, launch, or scale your business online, this container offers 1:1 support with everything you’ll need to stay accountable on your path to consistent multiple 5-figure months… 

Without wasting anymore time or money using non-aligned strategies that have left you spinning your wheels and overwhelmed, stuck in fear about what to do next, feeling burnt out and sacrificing your health when it just doesn’t have to be that way, my clients sign clients and do it without the stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Offer Includes:

  • 20//1:1 45 min Coaching Sessions over 6 months through video calls where we will work together weekly or bi-weekly (45-90min sessions) to ensure you are staying on track and attract ideal clients with ease

  • M-F Support through voice message & e-mail to ensure you get your questions answered quickly & receive the mindset support to have immediate shifts 

  • VIP membership portal with video guides and PDFs to supplement our calls each step of the way 

  • Access to anything I create during the time we work together (online courses, masterclasses, etc)

Want to see if this high-touch option is right for you?

What about working together in a group setting?

The Fear to Freedom Academy 6 Month Group Coaching Container

Ready to  build your business online, the right way and you thrive with other high-vibe students in a group setting?.

This offer combines live coaching and pre-recorded modules within a 6-Month Hybrid Group Coaching Container, so that you get the best of both worlds of 1:1 attention and go-at your own pace modules designed to help your business go from 0 to $10k months, with EASE.  

Offer Includes::

  • 18//50 min Live Group Coaching Calls throughout the 6 months (3 per month)
  • 3//30min private coaching calls at the start, mid-way and graduation
  • 10 Pre-Recorded Course Modules that are accessible instantly so that you can get started ASAP on establishing your unique roadmap to your first $10k month
  • Bonus Modules to help you make your income consistent once you reach your first $10k online
  • Bonus mini-course on expanding your money mindset so that you receive larger amounts of money with EASE, while maintaining your health & abundant mindset

Sold OUT Confidence

Confidently PRICE & SELL Your Offer Online with Ease

Learn to build your confidence online & master your sales so that your ideal clients say YES to your offer w/o fear, money blocks or needing to “think about it!” 

Have an offer or service but lack the confidence to actually get out there and sell it online to your ideal clients? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with what is the most important (or efficient way) to make sales online? Are you still trading time for money and working under the “hourly rate” paradigm? Instead of building an empire where money comes easily and while you sleep? 

Does any of this sound like you? Then you need to get on the waitlist to be the first to find out when  the “Sold OUT Confidence” program goes live.

Launching Fall 2021, this 8-Week Course is pre-recorded & delivered weekly to your inbox with everything you need to master your pricing/package so that you can confidently sell your offer online with ease (no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned online entrepreneur who needs a push to sell out your next offer)

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