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How Your Brain & 3 Confidence Hacks Will Lead to Consistent 10K Months

How Your Brain & 3 Confidence Hacks Will Lead to Consistent 10K Months

The most important thing you will work on in your business is your confidence and mindset. Without strengthening your self-confidence muscle – no strategy, offer, or system alone will help you grow to 10k consistent months. Because when you don’t believe in yourself – you can’t confidently show up to make the sale.


So let’s shift your belief systems today with the three confidence hacks that have helped my clients and me consistently earn 10K months. 


These will give you the foundation you need to grow your business without feeling like it’s overpowering your life with overwhelming stress.

Before we go into the three hacks…

Let’s talk about the power of your brain and how it can make what you believe manifest.


Think back to the last movie or show that made you cry. 


You probably ugly cried over something sad that was happening to one of the characters. Although it was not happening to you, your brain sent a message to your body…and soon, you felt salty-warm streams of water running down your eyes and cheeks.


As you were reaching out for a tissue to wipe your nose and wipe away the evidence of tears…


Did you ever stop to think about how powerful that moment was?


Not just powerful for the character, but also powerful for you. Because if you stopped to think about it…your brain showed you the amazing ability it has to manifest what it believes to be true. 


So now, let’s begin to harness that powerful brain of yours to consistently earn 10K months for your business…by building up your confidence and belief. So your brain can change…

  • How you make decisions
  • The speed at which you can obtain your goals
  • The way you show up for your audience and sell your offer

Let’s dive into the three hacks that will help your brain do all of the above.

Confidence Hack 1: Act and make decisions as if you already have the 10K in the bank

When you act as if you already have the 10K…your brain will make decisions based on this idea. 


And something amazing will begin to happen in your business.


You will start making decisions based on possibility rather than on fear. So you can quickly manifest your goals because you’re no longer thinking small or limiting your potential through fear.


You might be thinking…ok, but how do I do this?


It takes flexing your confidence muscle by strengthening it with scripts, journaling, and using affirmations. Followed by investing in the coach who will help you avoid the failures associated with entrepreneurship.

Confidence Hack 2: Script out the gratitude of already having the $10K

Even if you don’t yet have the 10K…


It’s essential that you give gratitude for the abundance you received and have yet to receive…because gratitude leads to more abundance. 


And the universe is waiting for you to reach out and ask for what is rightfully yours.


Repeat after me…


I am meant to be happy…by using my gifts to make money. Money that will pay for the goals and dreams that are important to me.


Believing this is the first step to consistent 10K months.


The second step asks that you define and script out why you want to earn consistent 10K months in your business. 


So, dig deep and list what this money would help you accomplish or obtain for your business and yourself.


Having this will give you an anchor when your entrepreneurship journey gets a little bumpy…and believe me, it will – it always does.

The why that anchors me to work toward $50K months includes a dream to:

  • Buy land
  • Build a minimalist home
  • Pay off my school loans
  • Help powerful female entrepreneurs scale their business without the overwhelm
  • Build a business that helps me live a healthy lifestyle

The key here is that you are training your mindset to change your thoughts and actions.

Confidence Hack 3: Show up confidently and consistently

Once your mindset has shifted, you will begin to show up confidently and consistently:

  • For your audience
  • With your core messaging
  • In how you sell your offer

When you add all of these up…you will change the impact of your visibility—and making 10k consistently will quickly become a reality for your business.


Best of all, you will have the confidence to convey the results your services can offer a potential client. One who could still be stuck in fear and needs guidance through the discovery call to shift their mindset to possibility.


The beauty in all of this is that you no longer allow someone else’s fears (during a discovery call) to hold you back with thoughts of not being enough.


Your use of these three hacks will create a ripple effect in the lives of others while helping you create consistent 10K months inside your business.

Ready to fast-track these hacks?

As I said before, one of my whys is to help powerful female entrepreneurs scale their business without the overwhelm, so…


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