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Build the Confidence to Face Your Fears…and Watch Your Sales Soar

Build the Confidence to Face Your Fears…and Watch Your Sales Soar

Have you noticed that confidence has become quite the hot topic in the business world? It’s a simple concept, right? But why are so many business owners now realizing that confidence is the key to selling their solutions?


Here’s an example from a recent experience…


A few weeks ago, I attended a women’s camping retreat. They had an open mic night on the first evening there, so I decided to do a skit about my adventures at a DMV appointment from earlier in the day.


My skit had people laughing so hard, they cried. Of course, they all knew exactly what I was talking about because who hasn’t had crazy experiences at the DMV, right? And because my jokes were so relatable, it opened up all these conversations & connections with the folks there. 


Many of them asked me the same question: “How do you get up in front of all these strangers and do this funny improv skit without fear of being judged?” I explained that since I had built my confidence over time, those fears didn’t stop me. 


But it wasn’t always that way…


It takes time and effort to build your confidence muscle.


When I was younger, I couldn’t get up in front of people unless I was in costume or hiding behind a character. I didn’t have the confidence to show up as just ME. And in this age of social media and video, many business owners have the same struggle. They have trouble showing up as their authentic selves.


So, how do you overcome this fear?


Part of it revolves around doing some inner work to build your confidence and consider your answers to the questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I NOT like?


When you get to know yourself in this way, your confidence takes root and grows. You develop a sense of being worthy of good things, including money. And when you’re open to receiving large sums of money, it can shift how you navigate your life and your business, since your pricing will be on-target and your confidence will shine on sales calls.


So, how exactly does having confidence bring you more sales?


Think of it this way…


Your customers or clients are ultimately looking for a solution to their problems. They want to know that you are authentic, that you believe in what you’re selling, and that you 100% believe that your product or service can deliver the transformation they want. Pricing your offer with this in mind cements the message to your ideal client: you are the right person to solve their problem.


If you present yourself and your solution WITHOUT that belief, your potential customers or clients will feel that vibration. They will likely back away from you and search for someone with the confidence to look them in the eye and talk about the results they offer. When you build your confidence and work on your money mindset, your clients and customers feel more confident in you and your offers. And that means you can watch the sales come rolling in.


To build confidence, tackle your fear head-on.


The first step in building confidence? Finding out what you’re NOT confident about. What is your fear? And when you think about this, keep in mind that many of our fears aren’t real. (Remember “False Evidence Appearing Real?”) 


We’re programmed to keep ourselves safe, so we tend to focus on worst-case scenarios to keep us from challenging that fear. Without facing it, however, it will continue to affect our lives and our businesses.


One example of this (which is actually a sneak peek of what’s in the SOLD OUT CONFIDENCE course that is closing for enrollment on November 1st!) is how so many business owners are afraid of going live on social media. They’re afraid of being judged, afraid of failing, and afraid of coming across as too salesy. But it’s a simple fact that in 2021 and beyond, using video is the best way to connect to your ideal clients. 


My recommendation for those who are hesitant or fearful of video? 




Want to magnify your confidence and change your business? Face. That. Fear.


This is some of the work we’ll be doing in SOLD OUT CONFIDENCE: tackling the steps for HOW to face your fears. Overcoming those roadblocks leads to more and more sales and can significantly change the course of your business; I’ve seen it many times with my clients!


What’s the payoff for mustering up the courage to do what scares you? A growing, thriving business and a level of success that means being able to do the things your heart desires:

  • Buying a new home
  • Paying for your kids’ college tuition
  • Investing for the future
  • Taking a memory-making trip


WARNING about my 8-week SOLD OUT CONFIDENCE course…


It’s only for entrepreneurs who are serious about leveling up in their businesses. If you actually watch the modules and DO THE WORK, you will:


  • Increase your profits
  • Price your offer so that it sells out to your ideal clients and customers
  • Magnify your confidence
  • Define your aligned sales system that brings you ideal clients and customers consistently 
  • Adopt a $100K money mindset that expands your ability to earn more money at one time so that you can get out of feast-or-famine mode and instead, plan and invest 


There are only 8 spots, and 2 are already gone. Now’s the time to jump in if you’re thinking about setting up your business for a spectacular 2022. Let’s set up a time to talk before the course doors close on Monday, November 1st, which can be scheduled by November 10th, the week we start. On the call, you can tell me about your business and how you want it to evolve next year and beyond. Your visions for success are totally possible!


And for those who are ready to go, register for the course today


I can’t wait to work with the ambitious and powerful female entrepreneurs in SOLD OUT CONFIDENCE! Watching your business transformation is going to be amazing!

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