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How to Develop a $100K Money Mindset

How to Develop a $100K Money Mindset

Does the idea of reaching that coveted $100,000 income feel like a far-off fairy tale?


If so, let’s skip the strategy for now and talk about belief instead…


Now, strategy IS important in a successful business, but the truly transformative piece is your MONEY MINDSET. (Yeah, we talk about mindset a lot because it’s SUCH a game-changer when it comes to making sales in your business!) 


Before you launch your business and attract clients, the first thing you need to do is work on your money mindset and build your belief. Belief around receiving large amounts of money, and belief in your worthiness to receive that money. 


Building a $100K money mindset starts with analyzing your thoughts.


It’s more than just saying, “I want a successful business,” or “I want to hit $10K per month in income.” It’s about probing the THOUGHTS that pop into your head when you think about receiving $10K per month.

  • What are your beliefs around receiving $10K per month?
  • What fears come up?
  • What lessons or thoughts about money do you still carry with you from childhood?


The first step is recognizing your money story: what you’ve been told, the habits you repeat throughout life. After all, habits are just belief systems in action. 


Every moment of every day, we’re creating our reality with our thoughts. Are you thinking:

  • “I’m not worthy of having a $10k month.”
  • “Who am I to do that?”
  • “Where are my credentials for making that much?”


We convince ourselves that we need to “climb the ladder” to be worthy of reaching our goals. These beliefs create — and LIMIT — our reality. 


We may be unconsciously creating an energetic block to receiving that money. This is what working on your money mindset is all about!


Shift your beliefs, and you’ll shift your reality.


We need to do the work to restructure our beliefs. This can come in the form of affirmations, journaling, meditation, hiring a coach, etc. 


These actions tell the universe, “I am this next level. I’m making decisions based on this next-level version of me.” These actions help shift our reality even before we fully believe them because it takes the universe a little while to catch up to us.


Some may think this mindset work is woo-woo and instead focus their efforts directly on making sales. But from my own experience — and that of my clients — I know that focusing on money mindset is what makes all the difference. Whenever I teach my clients SALES, I teach MONEY MINDSET, since the two are absolutely interconnected.


In this age where we can sell our products or services online, the number of clients we can serve and the amount of money we can earn are unlimited.


Making a difference in our clients’ and customers’ lives – THAT’S what all of this is about. And money is a byproduct of that. It represents the energy you receive from giving your knowledge (or product) that will ultimately help your client change their life.


To pump up your $100K mindset, embody the business owner you want to become.


It can be a challenge to maintain this belief despite what’s going on in the world. Falling into negative thinking will just manifest those fears into reality. And even if our current reality doesn’t match what we desire, our thoughts MUST align with who we want to become.


For those who may not know, I also run an events-based business, which is really hard to do with zero money. But that was where I found myself a couple of years ago. So I had to make decisions not based on my situation at the time but on where I KNEW my business could go. Even though I received dozens of notifications from my bank that my account balance was below $25, I chose to believe in my success. I did the inner work around receiving large amounts of money at one time. And it worked: last year, my sales grew by 480%, so I’ve seen first-hand the results of working on your money mindset and using an aligned sales system for making more sales.


It’s not easy, though, because self-sabotage can crash the party and make you question your worthiness in receiving big money. These thoughts can subconsciously block your ability to receive, so it’s crucial to work on setting a solid foundation for this belief well BEFORE you launch your offer or business.


The funny thing I’ve noticed is that most business owners DO NOT do this mindset work. It doesn’t even occur to them because they get so focused on the end goal of signing clients and making sales. However, without this mindset foundation in place, it’s tougher to reach your goals consistently. And our mental approach to money is something that we have to keep working on because there will always be challenges to our business.


Remember, it’s not as simple as thinking, “I’m going to be a millionaire tomorrow.” 


It’s more like:

  • How does a millionaire show up in her business?
  • How does she make decisions?
  • How does she invest her time & money?
  • Who does she hang out with?
  • What books is she reading?


Work on your $100K money mindset every. Single. Day.


Pave the way to becoming the entrepreneur you aspire to be by embodying the next-level version of yourself. Every time you think those thoughts and take those actions, you’ll be one step closer to reaching that goal.


If you couldn’t already tell, empowering women to soar in their businesses is my passion! Because no fairy tale prince is coming to save us. As powerful women, we are badasses and can make our OWN money. And if a great partner comes along, we’ll already have a rock-solid, stable foundation of success. Living the life we love, serving amazing clients, with the time freedom to do what our hearts desire. There’s no better fairy tale than that!


Ready to develop a mindset that attracts abundance and lands ideal clients? Let’s do it together!


Register for my 8-week course, SOLD OUT CONFIDENCE! In this course, we will be working on your money mindset and your aligned sales process. Plus, when you buy (or book a clarity call) by October 22nd, you’ll get a free 1-on-1 call with me AND $100 off the course!


I can’t wait to get started on helping you make your fairy tale a reality.

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