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How To Earn 15K In A Week With Three Proven Tools

How To Earn 15K In A Week With Three Proven Tools

You can earn 15k in a week with my three proven tools. It is legit and doable, especially in the online world. And I will share them with you today so that you can take baby steps to attain your first 15K week.


But first, let’s address your biggest block – fear. It leads to overwhelming thoughts of earning 15k. You might be thinking, “Oh my God, how am I supposed to make $10K, $15K in one week, in a month!? What does that look like? I can’t even comprehend that!” 


Believe me; you are not alone. We all fear failure and risk. And as an entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like you are out in the ocean in your kind of boat. The countless limiting beliefs ingrained in your mind by your childhood, society, and even your family don’t help your mindset either.


So I’m here to help you clear your fear and lack mentality. It’s going to take you running towards your fears and jumping, knowing that you are the universe. And trusting the universe wants you to be happy and abundant. Most of all, if you fail, you will be like the 98% who have become stronger from experience.


It’s time you acknowledged how powerful beyond belief you are. And that your fears are like a knee-jerk reaction to everything around you, but your mind creates your reality. 


So let’s start with baby steps by using my three proven tools to earning 15K weeks. Don’t worry if you are not there yet. For you, the goal might be 2k or 5k a month. Remember that we all have to start somewhere, and we need to start with a plan that is the next level up for your business.


Here they are:


1. Set the intention. Write down your next income goal with pen and paper (it’s more powerful this way). Look at it daily, talk about it daily, and believe in it every day. Practice this like you would Meditation or Yoga. And start embracing the following:


“I’m abundance. Money is energy, and it comes to me easily. I love money, and I love to empower people to make more money in their business, so they are empowered as well.


2. Speak and write as if you already have it. And show gratitude for it. The universe will reward you for those good feelings. Own that it’s your birthright to be happy, abundant, live freely, and live in your flow. But you will only own it when you start letting go of any limiting beliefs and thoughts. And when you show gratitude for all the money that comes into your life.

3. Write down your fears, prove them wrong, and then release them. You will begin to realize that those thoughts of fear are just that. Not your reality. When they come up, prove them wrong with what is real. I do this when thoughts of not being good enough, impostor syndrome, or fear of not getting on a call with clients creeps up. And every time, I get to prove these wrong by reflecting on the fact that I have booked client calls and that I am empowering my clients to break through their mindset and money blocks.


These three simple proven tools have helped me face my fears, change my mindset, and achieve 15K weeks. They have helped me embrace the reality that I have the power to manifest the money I need to achieve my goals. I know that if you start practicing these, you will be able to do the same in your business and life.


You may be new to me or may have been following me for a while. So you know that I’m about empowering people. I’m about clearing obstacles from everybody’s path so you can live happy and in the flow.


So I’m offering a free clarity call to identify your number one block. The one that is limiting you from reaching that first 10K or 15K month. Take advantage of this no strings attached call and start using my three tools to make substantial income strides.


This free call will be available only for a limited time. Together, we’ll identify the block. And I’ll show you exactly how to shift it, so you don’t have to waste any more time or money in self-sabotage. Start running towards your fears by going to and book a call.

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