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4 Tools To Change Your Money Mindset

4 Tools To Change Your Money Mindset

How to jump-start your business & make your first $1k online


So many people leave their 9-5 hustle to launch an online business in hopes of making their first 1k while building a sustainable business. But, they soon find themselves enrolled in a new race and hustle. And they are left frozen with fear of failure, launching, or starting their online business.


This new race many find themselves in is due to a hustle-based “blueprint.” One that is filled with launching strategies for an online business without a shift in mindset.


I see it in the online space so often because so many coaches teach this hustle blueprint. Sadly, this blueprint leaves many stuck and in fear. And it’s why I emphasize the importance of creating a positive money mindset before any other strategy or blueprint when launching your business.


On December 1st – 3rd, I will be hosting a FREE 3-Day Challenge to help you make your first $1K in your online business. 


It will be jam-packed with money mindset & online strategy tools designed to give massive value. And it will help you earn more money online doing what you love (without the STRESS or OVERWHELM).


You can sign up for the challenge here.


Because when you build your online business with a strong money mindset, you open yourself up to abundance. 


You can continue on a quest to find the blueprint that will only lead you to hustle and more fear. Or you can take my invitation and learn about four essential and straightforward mindset tools that will help you create a successful and sustainable online business.


Yes, when you implement these in your life, you can shift your money mindset. And when you shift your mindset, your whole reality can change, and it can happen fast. 


“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” – Steve Maraboli.


So many successful leaders, business owners, talented artists, and athletes understand the power of mindset. And this is why they achieve their dreams and don’t allow their failures to keep them stuck in fear.


Let’s start changing and shaping your money mindset to one that will lead you to a business and life filled with abundance. 


Here are the four tools that will help you get there.


The Power of Belief


How much do you think you can make in a month by launching an online business? Is it 1K, 5K, 10K, or higher?


Now, do you believe you can make this amount by launching an online business? 


If your answer is no, you need to start believing it. Because without the belief that you can earn that dollar amount, you can’t attract that amount into your business.


So how do you change that?


Simple – you need to get into a headspace where you have already achieved the dollar amount you have in mind.


And you do this by transforming the way you think. 


Through consistent meditations and affirmations about money, you change thinking into belief. By surrounding yourself with people who will help you meet your goals, you maintain a positive mindset. You will see results sooner when you hire a coach or enroll in group coaching. And you will pave the way for your Why to emerge.


Your Why


Going seven levels deep on your Why helps you define how and where this new money will be used in your life. 


It will give you the purpose you need to open yourself up for abundance – even when times get tough. 


After doing this exercise, you will have a concrete reason to stop just thinking about your goals. And you will start believing and attracting the money you desire in your business through intention.


Set your intention


Let’s talk about intention. Your intention is not a goal. Instead, it’s the dollar amount you are calling in at a specific time. 


Let me illustrate what I mean. You can call in an additional $1k at the end of the month right now (the present).


And you do this by setting this specific intention at a set time and space through intentional practices. 


For instance, one of my intentional practices involves taking half an hour to write down what I intend to do for the week. I start by burning incense, laying on my yoga mat, and meditating to receive what I need to focus on. 


This intentional step will allow you to breathe. And to understand that the Universe is on your side. It wants you to be happy and abundant. 


Now, you are ready to take action based on your intention.


Take aligned action


With a strong belief, a defined Why, and an intention, you are ready to build and launch your online business.


And that additional $1K will become easy to attract before the end of the month.


These tools will help you get out of the hustle mindset and out of your mind. And aligned action will help you plug into the powers of the universe so that you can build and launch an online business. 


The blueprint you seek is and always has been within you. You don’t need a hustle blueprint that leads you to fear and yet another endless race. 


Instead, change your money mindset through belief, your why, intention, and aligned action. And soon, you will build and launch an online business without fear and with the freedom to attract the abundance you deserve. 


Now, let’s also talk about how you can make an additional $1k in your online business by the end of the month.


The Challenge


I will be hosting a FREE 3-Day Challenge to make your first $1K in your online business in my Facebook group. The challenge will take place on December 1st – 3rd. 


And it’s jam-packed with money mindset & online strategy tools designed to give massive value. Bonus, all you need is 10 minutes a day to implement these!


If you want to earn more money online doing what you love (without the STRESS or OVERWHELM), sign up for the challenge here.


See you inside! I look forward to helping you go from fear to fearless in business so you can attract the abundance you deserve (WITHOUT the hustle)

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