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Get Comfortable with Be-ing Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable with Be-ing Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable with BE-ing Uncomfortable

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a successful entrepreneur and I’ve realized one of the major reasons people have success, is they’ve mastered being uncomfortable.

Most people, especially 9-5ers seek comfort in their lives. Having a nice car, a house, a retirement plan and a 401K gives them a sense of security and comfort. They are comfortable knowing how much money they’re going to earn and knowing where their next paycheck is coming from. They also usually invest more in things that make them temporarily happy vs. experiences or having a business to invest in.

But as entrepreneurs, creating our own reality with untapped earning potential, we have to get used to stretching ourselves (daily) beyond our comfort zone. Doing things that challenge our business, and us, so that we can continuously grow, without causing stress to our bodies and minds – it’s not easy, for any of us!

As entrepreneurs, especially at the start of our business ventures, the money may not be consistent and the clients are most likely not falling into our lap like we hoped when we first launched. We’re also investing more into our business so that it can grow sustainably, and the stats behind new businesses is that it takes 5-7 years, on average to earn a profit, if you survive that long.

Mindset is everything. FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) can hinder growth and wreak havoc on our stress levels (aka more dis-ease in the body and higher blood pressure).

Though the average is 5-7 years to make profits and actually pay yourself a decent salary, goes MUCH FASTER with a higher success rate when you have someone working for you and the success of your business. I’m not average, and neither are my clients. With Mind Your Intuition strategies, I support females make their money back, quicker, and to triple their income, without the stress or negative self talk.

Because, boy have I been there and done that!

I have no time anymore to be stuck in fear. Do you?

I recently listened to a “Manifestation Babe” podcast, about money mindset. She spoke about how, even with a multiple 7-figure business, she doesn’t feel any different than when her business was making 9k a year…

I can relate. I have multiple streams of income and I’ve never put a factor on my happiness like most people do (because I learned at a very young age to go after my happy, no matter what)…

  • “I’ll be happy when I make X”
  • “I’ll be successful when I have X amount of clients”
  • “I’ll get a coach when I have the money” **This is the exact wrong strategy that will bankrupt your business, the reason you don’t have money is because you didn’t hire a coach to help you! All signs point to – get support! Don’t go at this alone!

I learned at a very young age how to manifest, and I’ve been doing it super well since I was 19, and cleared myself from the doubt, labels and pharmaceuticals.

I talk a lot about this in my “Fearless Entrepreneurs” FB group, money mindset and how we must first FEEL the way we want to feel, so that we can attract that feeling into our reality. We can’t wait to feel happy or abundant until we’re clearing 10k + months, we must feel that abundance NOW, and we must feel happy NOW.

Remember, the universe is energy, just like ourselves; we can tap into universal energy and start to create the reality that we desire, because there really are boundless opportunities, everywhere.

In order to attract everything you want in your life, you must first feel into it. The same concepts are repeated in the book, “The Secret.” We have the power and the ability to attract ANYTHING we want into our reality because there are unlimited possibilities.

Most of the time, however, we’re stuck in fear and only think about the “what if’s” like failure, losing money, losing relationships, losing our status, LOSING is the focus word here (instead of gaining)…all fears coming from our ego versus our heart.

Instead, we have to reframe our mindset to think about the abundance vs. the lack and most of the time, this is uncomfortable. We are not taught this in school or from our parents (at least I wasn’t). It’s uncomfortable to go out on a limb and try new things, to do something completely different and create our own path.

But I ask you…

What if you never went after your dreams?

What if you never took that first step to get over your fear?

What if you stayed stuck?

What if you stayed comfortable?

These are the what-ifs that will become your reality if you don’t GET COMFORTABLE with BE-ing UNCOMFORTABLE.

This is why I created Mind Your Intuition, I spent nearly a decade stuck in fear, until I truly learned how to tap into my intuition and cultivate the reality of my dreams. I call myself a master in manifestation now – because I’ve been practicing for over 15 years and I am 100% confident that I can attract whatever I want into my reality. But it often starts with doing things that are uncomfortable.

So how about you?

What are you going to do today to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Will you start a blog and share your voice? NOTE:: I was shy about starting a blog, I had negative thoughts and blocks around it, until my coach assured me it was the right step. Now words flow out of me and onto paper like fire spreads across a dry forest, and I’m adding even MORE value to my clients.

Are you going to host your first FB live? (I’m doing one following this blog post via my Fearless Entrepreneurs page – check it out here)

Are you going to show up for your business in the way that is needed to grow & sustain it without the stress?

I believe in you!

And if you need more tips on “How Entrepreneurs Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable,” here’s another article to support your journey.

And of course, you have access to my Tricks & Tips via our Facebook Group here.

Till next time, stay committed, stay consistent and GET UNCOMFORTABLE <3



Founder, Mind Your Intuition


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