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Are You Worthy Of Hitting Your First 10K Month Online?

Are You Worthy Of Hitting Your First 10K Month Online?

Are you worthy?

You are worthy of hitting $10K months online. But first, you need to release the blocks that keep you stuck in charging less than you are worth. 


Let’s start by reflecting on the following quote:


The attraction of money has nothing to do with your ability to earn it. It has only to do with your wanting and believing of your worthiness to receive it.” Abraham Hicks


Powerful words, right?! And maybe words that sting a little. 


I hear you! It’s hard to admit we are getting in our way of success.


But here is the thing, recognizing limiting thought patterns is the first step towards shifting your mindset on money and your worthiness.


Steps towards shifting your mindset.

It’s going to take constant work at breaking down the conditioning that your family, friends, work, and society have created in your mind. It’s not impossible work, but essential.


It’s like peeling back layers of an onion. And it requires a lot of daily intention-setting so that you can peel back these beliefs, recognize what these beliefs are, and shift them into more abundance. 


You can do this by repeatedly writing your beliefs down and rescripting your mind’s thoughts about money. So you can completely transform your money mindset and call in vast amounts of money from different sources.


In the end, you will start living the words, “I’m worthy of building confidence in my worth and my value.


Most of us think that we need the right strategy to build a six-figure business. We are partially right. This is why I can teach you the many strategies that have led me to success. But they will not make a significant impact in your business until you start changing your money mindset.


So let’s rework your mindset to call in massive amounts of money. 

Below are ten money affirmations (shared with me by a friend) that are super helpful for you to rewire your money mindset. 

  1. I’m always surrounded by abundance and happiness.
  2. I welcome an unlimited source of wealth in my life.
  3. Financial success comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  4. I live in a universe of abundance.
  5. The more gratitude I feel, the more prosperity I attain.
  6. Money is overflowing me like a river (I visualize myself opening to all wealth).
  7. I have been given life to create good in the world. Wealth is good. Wealth is amazing.
  8. Money loves to be around me.
  9. I release all resistance to money and allow it to float easily to me.
  10. Money comes to me from unexpected sources.


Reading these daily will help you believe and own you are worthy of massive wealth. And soon, you will start charging higher ticket offerings and getting rid of that hourly wage that you’ve given yourself.


Keep peeling back those layers and rescripting your thoughts/beliefs daily with the ten money affirmations above. And together with my strategies and guidance, you can continue to grow towards a six-figure business.


Always remember, “Money is all around you. Money flows easily to you. People love to pay you.


Next steps towards hitting your first 10K month online

If you believe you are worthy of owning a six-figure business, I invite you to join my masterclass on creating a product suite of aligned and sustainable offers that your ideal clients can’t resist. 


I will share with you EXACTLY how to set up your six-figure business and create offers that SELL to your ideal clients. 


And soon, you will be on your way to hitting your first 10k month online (or making it consistent) without the burnout or hustle, because you will have confidence and strategies to help you build a business worthy of you.


In this masterclass, I’ll share EXACTLY HOW to:

  • Create a product suite of aligned offers that will build your 6-figure business foundation without the hustle or stress

  • My #1 secret to HIGH ENERGY & HIGH IMPACT (without burnout)

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See you on the inside.

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