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3 Ways to Turn Stress Into Confidence, In 20 Minutes Or Less

3 Ways to Turn Stress Into Confidence, In 20 Minutes Or Less


Life can change in an instant and so can your response to stress when you implement a few simple steps. Most people trick themselves into believing that stress is handled by accomplishing MORE, doing MORE, and being MORE. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. And the media rewards this thinking, with non-stop exposure to ads tempting us to solve our stress and anxious feelings with more STUFF.

When we take the time to give back to ourselves, not only does our personal life get better, but our business life also improves immensely. Remember, you can’t possibly achieve your goals unless you’re doing the work within, and consistently checking in with your feelings.

WORK!? Say what??

I know what you’re thinking; you’re already working to build your successful and sustainable business, why on Earth would you take more WORK on? Let me give you the 411. Self-care means you’re working on yourself – it does not mean you’re working FOR others. So don’t freak out, it’s simple – just not always easy (or I wouldn’t be writing a blog about it, right?!)

Self-care is a MUST if you plan to be successful in your biz.

Here are 3 simple ways to care for yourself and turn your stress into confidence (in 20 minutes or less).

#1: Slow your thoughts and sit down on a pillow, yoga mat or even chair, with spine extended while taking deep belly breaths

#2: Repeat an affirmation that resonates with you, for at least 5 minutes and do this while you’re looking into the mirror – if you don’t have a mirror, use the camera on your phone. I like to use, “I AM whole” “I AM loved” “I AM Abundant” “I CREATE my best life” “I AM connected”

#3: Stand in a super man pose with your hands on your hips and legs apart with your spine straight and shoulders back

Now, before you move on to the next task, take these steps and implement them. Use these tools everyday, not just every once in awhile, I promise you’ll see the results quickly, and it’s really not complicated, right?

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