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4 Reasons You’re NOT Growing with Ease in Your Business

4 Reasons You’re NOT Growing with Ease in Your Business



I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who want to GROW FAST and make a lot of money so they can sustain themselves as a business owner. They work long hours, eat unhealthy foods for quick on the go meals, and they waste a lot of time running in circles not exactly sure which direction is going to take them to the next level.

There’s something missing when you focus purely on building and making money. Have you encountered this missing factor before?

Here’s the thing…

If you’re focus is making a lot of money, you’re going to quickly slip into a cycle of overwhelm and fear when there “isn’t enough” in your bank account to pay for your growing business expenses.

Let go of your emotional attachment to money. This only leads to frustration and expectation of a certain outcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love money, and I love making it, but if money is a struggle and a stress, then it’s not worth it – you’re health is way more valuable than money. Your time, is also the one thing you will not get back.

Life is way to valuable to live in overwhelm or stress, but unfortunately it’s the reality many of us live in.

I’ve seen too many friends, family, and business partners, shut down their business or go back to a 9-5 because they sprinted out of the gate and didn’t realize that successful entrepreneurship is a slow journey to the top.

And the “top” is just this ever-evolving mountain with many different paths to take and scenic routes to look at along the journey.

If you run too fast, fear, doubt and overwhelm will begin to slip in because you’re not taking the appropriate measures to prevent it. You’re also creating an attachment to money and the idea, “I will be successful when I make X” or “I will feel successful when I have X”


The impact of getting stuck in fear and overwhelm, or chasing this image to the “top” will leave you with…


1.) Sleep and Brain Fog: Fear and anxiety affects your sleep cycle — side effects of not getting enough sleep include lack of focus, irritability, irregular eating habits and creates a dependency on caffeine or pharmaceuticals to “kick start” your day. Not enough sleep is also linked to increasing anxiety, and poor quality sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, just to name a few.


2.) Lack of Community: Your relationships suffer — you’ve stopped spending time with your partner or friends to focus on serving your business or you’re overwhelmed at the thought of reaching out to possible big business collaborators (or potential clients) in fear of judgment and self-doubt.


3.) Self- Care Demise: Your self-care routine has gone down the drain since fear & anxiety crept in (if it existed at all). You’re running around serving your business instead of having your business serve you and your community. You’ve skipped out on self-development practices, like going to the gym or getting to a movement class, and you don’t place yourself as the highest priority.


4.) Unsustainable Growth: The reality is, your business suffers when you suffer. If you have not set up the systems in your business to be able to eventually walk away, and still make money without trading your time, then you’re not growing sustainably.


The good news is, there are very simple ways of solving these issues…


Are you interested in learning how?

The ONE thing people wait too long for, is to get help. To find an advocate for their success, health, and well being. You either have a mindset of lack or abundance – and our society constantly programs our mind to be in lack, vs in KNOWING you are abundant.

Are you ready to FEEL successful and ABUNDANT? Without the negative self-talk or limiting beliefs?

Right now I’m offering a HUGE deal to get you out of lack, overwhelm and frustration.

If you hop on a call with me, now until December 31st, I’m offering FREE consults AND $300 if you decide that this call wasn’t worth your time. It’s my mission to help you first get over the phone of getting on a call to grow your business, without risking your health.

Are you ready to overcome the 4 reasons you’re not getting what you want?

And are you serious about up-leveling your health and business?

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Can’t wait to connect!

~ Meredith

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