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3 Tips To Change Your Money Mindset And Gain Clarity To Reach 6 Figures

3 Tips To Change Your Money Mindset And Gain Clarity To Reach 6 Figures

Today I wanted to share with you money mindset tips that I’ve been sharing with my one-on-one clients and in my coaching programs. I’m so excited to help you change your money mindset and gain clarity on who you serve and why you serve them.

So let’s start with mindset.

It’s super, super important right now that you maintain this positive, high vibrational frequency. Even with everything going on in the world around us. So you can continue to attract abundance that is here because the universe is massive.

You do this by first understanding that money is unlimited. It’s energy. A proper mindset creates opportunities to call in that money.

And Mindset work NEVER stops.

It requires you to look at subconscious beliefs that are underlying, usually stemming from childhood. Or maybe from beliefs you picked up while working a 9 to 5.

To help you improve your money mindset, I am sharing three tips. These have helped my clients and I create opportunities to get more money. They are:

1. Dream big and surround yourself with positive people who support your goals.

Make sure they are in alignment with you. So that their high vibrational frequency rubs off. If you take anything away from these tips, take away that you have to cut ties with people that aren’t going to be on your vibrational frequency.


2. Watch your thoughts and practice positive affirmations.

Focus on becoming super grateful for what you do have and where you are right now. And remember we’re all on a  journey where each of us is going to reach different levels of success at different times.

When thoughts of comparison, impostor syndrome, lack, and frustration consume your subconscious, change the script. For every dollar you have, every new client you obtain, and every opportunity that comes your way, send gratitude to the universe. The universe will reward you back because the universe wants you to be happy.

Affirmations and tricks like these have really helped me:

  • Put money everywhere so you always see money and attract it easily.
  • Say, “I love money and I attract it easily.”
  • Create opportunities to make money authentically by serving. “I serve. So I deserve.”

This is not woo. It is the law of the universe. And it is 80% of everything you do! Without this foundation, not even the best strategies will help you reach and surpass six figures.


3. Continue working on your mindset – always!

Create affirmations that will help you. Listen to high vibrational podcasts and listen to or read books that are about money mindset.  Create your own reality in your mind by opening up to abundance so you can create your own success.

Now that you have your mindset foundation, let’s talk about creating clarity for your business.


When I shifted my mindset and created a clear picture of who I was serving, everything changed! I began to surround myself with people who helped me grow. Money started coming in, debts were paid, and I was serving the right clients.

I did this with a 5-step process I created to create clarity in who I served and how I served them. It includes the number one step most entrepreneurs are failing to make before making an offer. So, I’m sharing it with you so that you can start ATTRACTING your IDEAL client consistently. Click here to access your free copy.

I am also excited to launch my Fear to Freedom Group program that gets you major transformation in your money mindset and business by helping you to identify exactly WHO your ideal clients are, where to find them and how to attract them into your business, with ease. It includes live coaching with me at a fraction of what others charge for these type of results. You may click here to get more info and to join the waitlist.

My goal is to serve you so that you can thrive in this economy and in the future as well.

Always remember that mindset work never stops.  It is a continual process of surrounding yourself with high vibrational people, practicing affirmations, and continuing to work on your mindset.

Once you include these three into your life and business, valuable strategies will work. You will gain clarity to attract your ideal clients consistently. And six figures will become a reality.

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