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I created a poll asking what is stopping you from growing your business and I want to talk about the answers you gave me!

#1: Money fears!

Let’s talk about this for a second! We all know money is energy. So how do we attract that energy (money) into our space?

We’re going to create opportunities to get that money!


So making sure we have a system set up to receive that money. We know that we, as creators, as entrepreneurs, we create the opportunities to make money. So let go of the fears of money, and start to think of the solutions! Ask yourself,
“How can I bring more money into my life?”
“How can I get the money that I want to buy this _____”

Think about what it is that you desire that can fulfil your business/self care/health/anything needs and create a solution to bring that into your life.

#2: Not having enough credentials!

This comes up in imposter syndrome! I’ve been talking to a lot of clients recently who are afraid to categorise themselves a certain way, because they don’t feel they have enough credentials. This is a common fear for a lot of entrepreneurs! We think that we need all of these credentials to be able to label ourselves and claim that we can help certain people. But the exciting thing is, our life experiences are our main source of credibility. Those are our credentials! If you look up the meaning of credentials in the Cambridge Dictionary it will give you the definition: ‘the abilities and experience that make someone suitable for a particular job or activity’. The abilities and experience. There is no mention of masters degrees or 500 hour yoga teacher trainings, like I have. Those don’t matter, because it’s my life experience that gives me the credibility. It’s my life experience that gives me a knowing that I can help the people in my niche: people who are stuck in fear, suffer from anxiety, who have depression, who don’t know how to systemise their business or grow their business. I KNOW that I can help those people, because I have my own life experience in those areas!

So please don’t let this belief stop you! Just start now, whatever it is. Whether you’re just starting to launch a business, or growing your business, don’t wait to add another credential to your list, it’s not going to make a difference. Sure it may help you to get a bit more confidence, and if that’s the case, yeah you can look into it, but the likely situation is that it’s helping you to procrastinate by thinking that you need another degree or title to become who you want to be. You don’t need to.

#3: Imposter syndrome! 

“Who am I to do/say/be this?”

A lot of you said imposter syndrome is blocking you from growing your business, but who are you not to do this? To be this person? To say these things that need to be said, that need to be heard?
I have a quote that I love that says,
“Who are you to not go after everything that you desire?”
YOU are a spark of light, of energy and you have the power of this whole universe to tap into, to create anything and everything that you desire. Let go of,
“Who am I to……” and start saying, “Who am I not to!?”
“Who am I not to go after my dreams!?”
“Who am I not to launch/grow my business!?”
“Who am I not to invest $10k into growing my business!?”

We have to make these decisions and make these commitments because this is our baby, our baby needs nurturing and we have to show up for our baby (our business) every day!

Who are you not to go after every dream and desire that you have? You were born into this body, you were given these desires, who are you not to go after them?

#4: Fear of success!

A lot of people have a fear of success because they think that when they become successful, they’re not going to have time to do all the things that they want, that they now have free time to do. I just want to take a moment to remind everyone that when you’re successful and make more money, you get to hire people to do things for you, to do the tasks that you no longer want to do! I don’t do all of my own marketing and market research. I’ve expanded my business enough that I can now outsource those tasks that I don’t want to do any more. That is such a blessing! We don’t want to be afraid of that, afraid of time, because the more money we make, the more “successful” we are (and I put that in quotes because success is a term that is different for everyone and YOU define your own success), the more money you make, the more people you can hire and CREATE jobs! I think this is so wonderful, I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is to hire people in different countries and give them a job.

#5: Stress and anxiety!

Top tips! Downloaded my free 11 Step Guide where I go through all of my steps to a really simple way for you to eliminate stress and anxiety in your space! Now, I will say that some stress and anxiety is good to push you forward, but most of it is nonsense because we are creating this stress and anxiety in our minds and it is not helping our productivity in any way towards our self-care or towards our business. I’ll be upfront and honest, I’m having to take a dose of my own medicine because I am currently feeling a bit stressed and anxious, not from my business, but for the state of the world. My country, my home for four years is literally on fire. I have friends and family living in New South Wales, Australia, suffering from the fires and smoke, living amongst it. There’s the Middle East and what’s happening there. What is happening in the world right now is creating a lot of fear and doubt amongst the people in our society and what I want everyone to really concentrate on, myself included, is breathing, meditation, self-care routines including using essential oils to calm the mind and nervous system. Because when we’re healing ourselves, we have the power to start healing others and start making bigger shifts in this global sphere that we’re in. So please be mindful of the stress and anxiety that you’re putting on yourself and take the tools that I’ve given you in the 11 Step Guide. If you haven’t yet, download it for free and start taking action towards a better healthier you so that you can grow your business sustainably, so that you can make more money with ease, and you can do all of that without taking away from the self-care that you need to be successful long term. Entrepreneurship is a long term journey. This isn’t a sprint to the finish line, in fact there is no REAL finish line. I personally, can see myself creating businesses for the rest of my life, just because it’s so much fun systemizing and turns out that growing business is a passion of mine.

So keep on keeping on! Use these techniques that I’ve shared with you to reduce the stress and anxiety and to also get rid of all of these fears you have about growing your business, because when your business grows, you’re serving more people that you want to serve, you’re making more money, which you can use to help yourself, to help your family, you’ll be leaving a legacy behind and you’ll also, overall, be helping to make to world a better place. Because I KNOW, that every entrepreneur here, is serving the world in a greater way and we have to move towards our fears to make these things happen, taking our fears and conquering them by just doing the things that we’re afraid of, so in that way we can serve more people, because that’s why we’re here, right?

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