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My Three C System to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

My Three C System to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

It’s 2020 and it is time for prosperity and confidence to seep through EVERYTHING that you’re doing!

Everyone experiences imposter syndrome, it is not just you! This is super common with entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs just starting out in business, but even in entrepreneurs who have been in business for 7+ years. It’s just a reality that we face.


Three C System to overcoming imposter syndrome

There are three C’s that I use to overcome imposter syndrome:

Number One: Clarity!

Having clarity in what you offer, why, who your niche audience is (who you’re serving!)

Clarity is key for overcoming imposter syndrome, because if we don’t have clarity on what we’re doing, then how are we going to attract the right clients and how are our clients going to know how we can help them, if we don’t even have clarity on how we can help them?

Number Two: Confidence!

This one might sound obvious, but confidence is key in overcoming imposter syndrome! Confidence, not only in yourself that you are successful, but also confidence in your business. This sometimes takes time and is believed to take the mantra ‘fake it til you make it’, but I prefer, become it now, just do it! (Thank you Nike). I believe there is no reason to fake it, because we can all just be it. Decide who you want to be and become that person.

So if you have trouble with confidence, I suggest every day at least once a day, checking in with yourself and writing down what you’re really good at and then writing down three fears and overcoming them moving forward, by just doing them! That’s right…just do it! This is how you gain confidence, by doing things and succeeding. Or even failing, but that’s ok, because “failure” is all part of the learning process and we grow from these moments (therefore, how can it really be a failure?)

Do whatever you need to do to build confidence. Self-confidence and confidence in your business, because if you don’t have confidence, your clients are never going to have confidence in you!

Number Three: Commitment!

You have to have a commitment to show up daily, for your business and for yourself. For me, this means that I have to have a commitment to show up for my self-care routine, because otherwise I go down a spiral of not taking care of myself and then I can’t take care of the needs of my business. So I have to show up for myself every day and I have to show up for my business every day. Now ofcourse I take time off. I LOVE the book ‘The 4 hour Workweek’ and I strive to make more money by working less, but showing up, at least 5 minutes a day, an hour a day, for whatever you’re working on in your business. However you can, show up in your business, turn up, make a commitment and do it consistently.

Now, let’s add a fourth C in here for good measure.

Number Four: Consistency!

Commit to being consistent.


Let’s reflect!

1. So to overcome imposter syndrome you need clarity! Clarity in what you offer, why you’re unique, why your service or product is unique and get clarity on who you’re attracting, who is your niche audience? Because you are NOT here to serve everyone.


I am certainly not here to serve everyone, nor do I want to serve everyone! Get clarity on this.

2. We also need confidence. Do whatever it takes to build that confidence! It works like a muscle, just like you working out at the gym. Confidence is a muscle and you must practise it every. single. day.

3. Commitment. Showing up consistently and making that commitment to showing up, regardless of if you want to or if you think you look good or not. I show up to doing Facebook lives, do you think I always feel like I look great on camera? No! But I show up for you anyway, as I am.


This is because I have that confidence, consistency, commitment and clarity to overcome any imposter syndrome that comes my way.

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