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Eight Money Mindset Tips and Strategies for Growth

Eight Money Mindset Tips and Strategies for Growth

Money mindset tips and business growth strategies that convert save you so much time and money. Because they help you niche down, get the right customers faster, and help you understand when to pivot.


I wish I would have known this early on in my business. But, sometimes you get caught up in what you think you need to do versus what you need to do. 


Seven years ago, I was you. 


I wasted a lot of time doing things that were not working or making money for my business. Self-doubt clouded my judgment. And most of my first year was spent on creating systems to obtain new clients, implementing systems, and testing out what worked. 


So, I’m here to share eight tips that will help you create healthy growth for your business. And help you gain a positive money mindset from the start.


Ready to get a head start? 


Ok, here they are:


1.) Track your money.

Whether its a spreadsheet, Quickbooks, or an app – record your income and expenses from the beginning. It will help you quickly understand what is generating money for your business.

I also use The Lucky Bitch Money Tracker. It allows you to celebrate and feel good about money coming in. This is key to attracting even more money


2.) Track your time.

It’s essential to understand how much time you spend on specific tasks and how much of those tasks are making you money.

Your time is very, very valuable! Tracking your time will help you figure out what to outsource so that you can scale sustainably. And you can go back to working on your zone of genius.


3.) Create a strategy and stick to it for three to six months.

Pivot only after that time frame. And if you see that your strategy is not working or generating money.

Part of that strategy should include doing income-generating tasks every day (such as networking).


4.) Market your business.

Research your market and create a marketing strategy that will attract your ideal client.

Make sure that you:

  • Ask questions to your ideal clients.
  • Show up through Lives.
  • Solve their pain points.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Let them know what you sell.
  • Remain consistent.


5.) Investigate and pivot.

If you are not making money after three to six months of using a strategy, investigate why it’s not working. And pivot if necessary.


6.) Get the right guidance, help, and accountability.

Work with people who are helping you grow your business, not those that cause you more stress.

Find someone that is in alignment with your growth and money mindset. It will make it easier for you to scale stress-free and to continue to attract money. 

Also, get the right guidance when you need help. And don’t let, “I don’t have the money now” to stop you from getting the advice you need for growth.


7.) Charge your worth.

Stop gifting your time by trading services. You don’t have to do this to grow your business. Yes, this is ok for a testimonial or two, but certainly do not make this a habit. People have to put skin in the game if they want transformation in life or business.

It’s easy to have self-doubt during your first year in business. But always remember that your time is very valuable. Instead, focus on marketing your business, understanding your niche, and understanding your clients. The business opportunities will follow. 


8.) Understand your niche to get the right clients.

Niche down and understand your niche to serve and attract your ideal clients. This will repel clients who are not right for you, but it will open you up for the right ones. (Trust me, this is good!)

Remember to evaluate the income you are generating in your niche every six months. If you are making money – stick with it. If not, research, analyze, and pivot if you have to.


I hope these tips will help reduce the headaches of starting and growing your business. And that they help you create good money mindset habits from the start.


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