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Three Strategies To Help You Hit Your First $10K Month (Or Make it Consistent)

Three Strategies To Help You Hit Your First $10K Month (Or Make it Consistent)

You can try different strategies to help you hit your first $10K month. But they are not all built to get you sustainable results while safeguarding your physical and mental wellbeing.


Most of the strategies out there have you killing yourself in the process. This is because they are founded on a hustle mindset. 


The three strategies I’m about to share with you are centered around creating a sustainable and profitable business. And they lay out a foundation for nurturing a healthy, less-stressed you. Because if you are not healthy, your business will fail. And no strategy or outsourcing can replace the superpower that is you.


I’m super excited about the growth you will see when you implement these strategies in your business. You are on your way to a six-figure business without the hustle, burnout, and overwhelm. 


Now, get ready to attract your ideal clients and start hitting $10K months online. Here are the three strategies in order of implementation.


1. Define Your Ideal Client

Before you start niching and narrowing down your ideal client, you need to figure out who you love to work with and who you can help. The best way you can do this is to start working with various clients.


While you are building your client roster, you should do market research. Frequently ask questions to your email list and on your social platforms. Don’t shy away from getting on phone calls with your clients. You can also ask market research questions in the Facebook groups where your ideal clients are active.


These questions could include:

  • What do you guys want to know (about the solution you provide)?
  • What’s the most important thing that you need help with?
  • How have I helped you get to your goals?
  • How did you feel before and after you started working with me?


Your job here is to listen and take note of the language they are using. Really pay attention to their objections and their problems. This is the best way you will help them while gathering info to create your offers.


Ensure you have these types of conversations over the phone with at least 20 people who are your ideal client or you know you love to work with.


If you never do market research, you will not understand their problems or build offers to solve them. Most of all, they will never know how you are the solution to their problems because you are not speaking their language.


2. Create your product suite (offers)

Shifting Your Mindset

It’s your job to create offers that are sustainable for your long term business. So you can live your absolute best life while earning $10K months without the stress and burnout.


You can absolutely achieve this by remembering that your business serves you while your offers serve your client’s pain points.


It may sound selfish, but not really. When you take care of you first, you are entirely able to take care of your clients, kids, husband, business, etc. And only then can you provide the transformative results your clients seek while adding value to their life and business.


This is the foundation for creating offers that align with you and your client’s needs.


Before I go into the three types of offers to include in your suite, let me touch on your money mindset. When you are creating your offers, you must deal with your money blocks. Understand that money is good and empowering. And start shifting your worth and money mindset with affirmations. If you don’t work on this, you will stay stuck.


Ok, on to creating the foundation for your six-figure offer suite.


Creating A Customer Pathway

I would suggest you have different levels of entry to create a customer pathway. One that helps them get obsessed with your solution and with you.


Let’s begin with the entry-level one. Your offer here is repeatable, you can create once, it costs the least, and you don’t have to put too much effort or energy into doing again. It could be a short online course or mastermind jam packaged with value. The key here is to repeatedly sell it to the clients who need the information that helps solve their pain points.


Your middle package offers solutions and requires some of your time. Think strategy sessions and group sessions. The value your offer is giving here is a solution to your client’s pain points. Pricing here is personal. But, based on the value and time you are providing, you can charge between $2K to 5K. 


Your highest level (VIP) offer is one-on-one coaching where the real transformation happens. It is the cream of the crop offer and requires most of your time. Since you offer your clients a solution, transformation, accountability, and save them time, your pricing can range between $5K and up. Your focus here is to offer them what they need and what you think will be best for their business.

The secret to creating your offer suite is to shape the offers around the solutions that your ideal client wants and needs.


3. Messaging and showing up consistently

The marketing research you did in step one and the consistent communication you will practice in step two will help you with messaging.


Why? Because your message must match what your ideal client can identify with. You can only do this by using their language so that you can attract them into your business. Doing this will help them feel understood by you.


And guess what?! They will want your solution. 


When you have a clear message and show your ideal client why you are their best solution, you can help potential clients break through their fears. So they can finally invest in themselves and their business without guilt or resistance. 


By consistently providing value and showing up for them, you create the know, trust, and like factor your business needs. Just remember to show up where they are and with a message that tracks them back to one of your offers.


The right message and your consistent presence will help you attract your ideal client and lead you to clients who love to pay you for the solution you offer.


So let’s recap. To start consistently earning $10K months online, you need to adopt three strategies. The first will help you define your ideal client. The second will help you create an offer suite for sustainable growth. And the third enables you to create a message that aligns with your offers. So you show up consistently and with confidence.


If you do this right, you will see massive, massive results in your products and aligned offers. 


How I Can Help

Are you ready to implement these and start hitting your first $10K month online?


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