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Here’s the Key to Pricing Your Offers

Here’s the Key to Pricing Your Offers

I’ve heard it so many times…


“No one will buy my product/service.”

“My price is too high.”

“My price is too low.”


As female entrepreneurs trying to price our solutions, we often question the value of our offers, and these thoughts can take over our brains, keeping us stuck. So then what happens? We find ourselves struggling to connect with potential customers and clients and unable to make sales. So frustrating.


Stop obsessing about pricing, and start thinking about the result you deliver.


What if we shifted our focus instead? What if we thought about the TRANSFORMATION our buyer will experience because of our product or service? Hmm, now that’s more interesting…


Here’s an example of my own experience with this from a customer’s perspective…


Recently, while I was out getting an aura reading for myself and my dog (yes, they do DOG aura readings… it’s fascinating!), I met the founder & CEO of an essential oils company. Now, everyone knows I’m a huge fan of oils. They’re part of my daily routine, and I have a sizable stash of DoTerra at home because I enjoy using them so much.


Just so we’re clear, I had NO INTEREST in buying any other oils at that moment. Why should I when I already have a bunch of great ones at home, right?


Take your prospective customers and clients on a journey about your product or service.


In my conversation with the owner, though, she took me on a journey as she talked about her oils. She described the different scents and smells, how they work, and how they could make me feel. And as she painted this amazing picture of the power of the oils, she had me smell one called Passion. Oh my gosh, it was SO GOOD! I smelled another one called Abundance. Wow, I loved that one, too…both scents made me feel SO amazing!


That’s all it took: I. Was. Hooked. 


And you know what?


Not only did I buy her oil, I bought a set of five scents! 


When thinking about pricing your products or services, talk about your customer’s transformation.


How did that happen? She took me on a personal journey with the oils by focusing on how they would improve my life. Then, she led me to undergo my own transformation by having me smell them. Experiencing the result right then and there sealed the deal for me. I knew I wanted to experience that AGAIN. That business owner had an aligned sales system that spoke to her ideal customer: me.


Of course, this is a product-based example, but this concept works just as well with online products and services. Delivering a mini-result to your prospective customer or client answers a big question for them: “Can this person give me the transformation I want?” And if they can feel a shift from your mini-result, even if it’s on a small scale or virtually, their answer will be, “Yes.”


And yeah, I could’ve bought just one bottle. But I thought, “I want to have the WHOLE experience.” The business owner priced the oils with a discount for purchasing the set of five instead of an individual bottle. But honestly, even though I wanted to get the best deal, it wasn’t about the money at that point. It was all about the RESULT. I was sold on having that feeling in my life, and that motivated me to purchase.

Pricing is all about your beliefs and confidence.


So when you’re stuck dissecting your offers to come up with “the perfect price,” remember that pricing your solutions is all about your belief system and your confidence. Think about the result your customers and clients can experience, the transformation you KNOW you can deliver. THAT’S the true value of your offer. And that’s how you’ll land on a price that feels right to you and that your ideal client can’t resist.


Of course, it also makes sense to look at the overall picture of your business:

  • What are your products or services?
  • What are your offers? 
  • How much money do you want to make each month?

These factors, along with confidence and an aligned sales system, all play a role in how you structure your offers so you can attract more wealth into your business and life.


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