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Are You Struggling to Make Sales? Here’s the Fix…

Are You Struggling to Make Sales? Here’s the Fix…

So you’ve nailed down an amazing product or service that you’re excited and proud to offer… But what do you do when actually SELLING the offer has become a HUGE problem?


Many business owners find themselves in this struggle. Usually, it’s because they focus on developing their prized product or service but neglect to define a sales system to help them connect with their ideal clients. It’s understandable…we get so caught up in our amazing solution and how it’s going to help so many people. But we often skip the step where we strategize how to market that solution to magnetically draw clients to us.


Don’t get me wrong–having a well-defined product or service is important! But unless you have a proven way to attract your ideal clients and confidently present your solution to their problem, you’ll struggle to grow your business. That’s why defining a sales process is a game-changer for business owners.


Do you have an effective, aligned sales process in place for your business? 


So, yes, having a sales process is key. But it’s especially vital that this process is aligned with your life and how you want to run your business going forward. Sure, hustling 24/7 might get you clients, but who can keep up that pace? Selling should feel easy, not like you’re constantly chasing clients or customers. That’ll get you overwhelmed and burnt-out in a hurry.


Entrepreneurs stuck in this frenzied hamster wheel seem to ask the same questions:

  • “Where the eff are my clients?” 
  • “How do I know if my pricing is on-target?” 
  • “Why is selling my offer SO HARD?”


As entrepreneurs, didn’t we start our own ventures to get OFF the corporate hamster wheel? We sure don’t want to get right back on it with our own businesses!


Sell your solution with ease…


When you take the time to create a sales system that reflects how you want to run your business and live your life, you’ll get unstuck. Selling your solution will feel natural, and the right clients will see the value you offer. No more hamster wheel for you!


With an aligned sales process in place, you can take ownership and control by taking the actions you know will bring in clients. This approach naturally becomes part of the flow of your business, and suddenly, you feel confident in yourself, your offer, and your pricing.


When those elements come together — an authentic sales system and a confident approach — your whole mindset shifts, and your reality becomes:

  • “Wow, my business is working!”
  • “My calendar is getting booked up with calls!”
  • “I’m signing clients consistently!”
  • “I know I can help these customers. I’ve done it before.”


Building your confidence muscle is a key part of having an aligned sales process…


We all know confidence doesn’t just appear. It’s like a muscle that you need to build. When you KNOW that taking specific actions will draw clients to you, that’s a confidence boost. And when you think about the entrepreneur you want to be, imagine what her BEST DAY would look like. How would she approach sales conversations? What decisions does she make to move her business forward? Adopting the mindset of the business owner you aspire to be is the best way to get you there in reality. Hello, 6 figures! 


So, how DO you set up an aligned sales system?


Are you convinced yet that defining a sales system that aligns with your business and life goals is a MUST for success?


But how do you work on confidence and build a sales system that will boost your business’s growth?


That’s where I can help!


In my brand-new, 2-week free series, Build Killer Confidence & Rock Your Sales, we’ll cover all the essential elements in skyrocketing your business to 6 figures, including:


  • Why confidence is the KEY to your sales success and what you can do to build this muscle so that your ideal clients are magnets to you.
  • Learn what an aligned sales system is and why it’s vital to create one that is right for your business so that you can consistently attract new ideal clients without feeling stressed on your way to hitting 6 figures.
  • The #1 thing to remember when pricing your product or service so that your ideal clients can’t resist it and keep coming back for more.
  • The most EASE-FILLED way to increase your profits without sacrificing your health or spending more time working.
  • The mindset behind 6-figure sales and what to look out for when selling your offer so that your ideal clients only want to buy from you, versus someone else in your niche.


Curious to learn more about boosting your business to 6 figures?


Register HERE to get the details on my Build Killer Confidence & Rock Your Sales series, which is on September 28 & 30 and October 5 & 7, 2021. This is going to change so many businesses…I can’t wait to get started!


PLUS, when you register, you’ll become eligible to win a special bonus 1-on-1 session with me! In it, I’ll offer personalized guidance on how to effectively implement the strategies covered in the series (that’s a value of over $350!). That’s right…just me, just you, talking all about growing your business. Let’s do it!

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