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Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat: Get Ready for an Amazing 2022!

Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat: Get Ready for an Amazing 2022!

Relax, Rejuvenate, & Receive to Manifest and Expand into your Next Level of Business Success


As business owners, we can see it coming…


Beyond all the chaos and celebration of the holidays looms a brand new year. And with that comes a flurry of questions:


  • Do I have a plan for where I want my business to go in 2022?
  • What actions and mindset shifts need to happen to reach my goals?
  • Will I hit my income goals?
  • What will my business look like at the end of NEXT year?


None of us wants our business to look the same from one year to the next. Yet, that’s what happens to so many of us. Getting unstuck is a challenge!


And obviously, I’m a huge fan of coaching. 🙂 But what if we took the coaching concept a step further and turned it into an immersive experience? (One that can be written off as a business expense!)


That’s precisely my goal with the intuitive business & self-care retreat I’m planning!


By the end of our time together at the 6-day retreat, you’ll have the strategic and spiritual tools to lift your business to the next level.


  • Instead of wasting time wallowing in fear, self-doubt, procrastination, and perfectionism, you’ll tap into your intuition so you can make decisions confidently.


  • Instead of being trapped in the low-vibration paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, you’ll receive more money (and hold onto it!) so you can live the lifestyle you crave


  • Instead of being unsure of how to grow your business, you’ll use your skills to launch your 1-to-many offers so you can scale with success and sustainability. 


The goal is to guide you to think from the perspective of where you want your business to be, earn more than you ever have, and ultimately reclaim your time and freedom. Which are the reasons we chased our entrepreneurial dreams in the first place, right?


And that’s just a snapshot of the transformational journey we’re going to take at this business retreat.


One of the things we’ll do to help you propel your business forward is to connect you with your intuition. What is it that you REALLY want? Let your intuition lead you to that answer, and you’ll no longer have to waste time in self-doubt. When your intuition is your guide, you can make business decisions with confidence.


The transformation that will happen in your business (and your life!) within those six days will be noticeable immediately. Your brain actually changes with just three days in nature; imagine where you’ll be after six!? 


And nothing compares to having the full-on, in-person experience of a retreat in a curated environment where your success is inevitable. You’ll emerge from this adventure with a supportive community. 


Ultimately, this retreat is about changing your business and your life…


It’s about exploring your thoughts, feelings, and strategies while exploring this beautiful corner of the world.


  • Imagine yourself on the sunny shores of Ometepe Island, swimming in an organic & all-natural pool, surrounded by views of the largest lake in Central America, being served the most delicious & nutritious meals you’ve ever tasted while getting hands-on 1-on-1 business support from me.


  • What if you could eliminate the pressures of your day-to-day life stressors & submerge yourself in a pool of good friends, fellow creators, and manifestors who have your best interest at heart and who help expand your awareness on exactly how to live your most abundant & fulfilled life?


  • Imagine being completely transformed after our 6 days together, to the point where your thoughts, behaviors, and habits change to serve your highest and most abundant self.


  • Imagine never having to second-guess yourself because you’re so tapped into your intuition and in your flow state; you always know the next step that will take you to your next level.


  • What if you could expand your paradigm on money and receive more of it at once so that you can buy the land, build the house, care for your parents, take the vacation, pay off debt, or invest in your savings?


The entire goal for those six days is to make you feel super supported so that you’ll know exactly how to scale your business with a 1-to-many offer, get the tools to expand your $100K+ money mindset, and tap into your intuition so you don’t waste time in self-doubt, fear, or procrastination. And with that mental map set, you’ll have the confidence to move forward and accomplish your desires.


Ready for the details of this business & self-care retreat?


It’s all happening from April 14-19, 2022, on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. (Keep reading to find out how to score a private room!) The gorgeous Wanderlust Utopia will be our stunning setting for six days & five nights, offering a view of both Central America’s largest lake and two magnificent volcanos.


And, you know…it’s fitting that we’ll be in a beautiful space located at the base of a volcano. Because at the end of those six days, you’ll have the spiritual and strategic focus to guide your business to ERUPT in 2022!


Here’s more about what you’ll get:


  • Body nourishment in the form of three raw vegan meals per day, including fresh juices, teas, smoothies, snacks, and raw desserts.
  • Spiritual nourishment in the form of workshops to enhance your intuition in business and life.
  • Business coaching via strategy sessions that enable you to receive larger amounts of money at one time without falling prey to overwhelm.
  • Private one-on-one business coaching sessions with me during the retreat.
  • A VIP Upgrade option adds three 50-minute coaching sessions with me before the retreat.
  • A fire ceremony to release energy that no longer serves you and create space for dynamic new intentions for growth & prosperity.
  • And an off-campus excursion that will showcase the local culture and offer first-hand experience of life on the island.


As you can see, I’m planning to spoil the participants in every way possible:

  • a scenic locale
  • a healthy, delicious menu
  • and teachings to grow both your soul and your mind.

At my Wanderlust Utopia retreat, you’ll be surrounded not only by me but by experts in the field of nutrition, breathwork, & entrepreneurship, as well as other business owners who are on the same wavelength. You’ll all be reaching for your goals together.


And you know what I’m most excited about? Watching the participants leave behind their current (and possibly unsupportive) environments and escape to this amazing idyllic island getaway where every detail is taken care of. We’ll focus on what you’re truly here to do on this planet. And I can’t wait to see the life-changing results that come afterward!


Are you all-in to uplevel your money mindset and business in 2022?


This February, feed your body, your soul, & your business, all against a breathtaking ocean backdrop at a socially responsible, plant-based, eco-friendly site. And put an end to the struggles that have kept your business from growing as you envision that it can.


I invite all the powerful and adventurous entrepreneurs whose business struggles have held them back for too long, maybe even years, to join us at Wanderlust Utopia. Together, we can solve those struggles so you can move forward and experience success with ease.


This retreat is for you if…


  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to learn the tools to build & scale your business with a 1-to-many offer without always having to trade your time for money.
  • You want 1-on-1 coaching support without your usual day-to-day distractions so that you can focus 100% of your attention on your business, mindset, & overall health.
  • You’re ready to escape winter and create with high-vibrational people who are in alignment with you and your highest purpose, all within a sunny and supportive environment.
  • You want an all-inclusive experience with delicious & nutritious meals at a safe & luxurious retreat center so that your mind and body can operate at peak performance.
  • You’re a soul-led adventurer. You want to immerse yourself in activities to improve your health, connect you with your intuition, and expand your money mindset so that you can receive larger amounts of money, all while getting your personalized strategy to launch your first or next 1-to-many offer.


If you’re ready for an immersive in-person experience with hands-on help & support in an overall holistic environment, then THIS is your chance. Start 2022 with a wondrous transformation in a gorgeous setting!


Register by December 31st to get the early bird price of $1650, a savings of $247 off the regular price!  


PLUS, the first six people to sign up for this retreat will each get a private room (which can be shared with a friend or partner)!


Claim your spot with a 50% deposit now, then pay the remaining 50% on April 1st.


Email me for additional info!

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