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3 Secret Ingredients That Will Scale Your Business to the Next Level

3 Secret Ingredients That Will Scale Your Business to the Next Level

Happy new year, my fearless tribe!


The excitement surrounding the brand new year is inspiring many of my entrepreneurial clients to scale their businesses by launching new offers: books, group coaching programs, one-on-one sessions, products, services, and containers.


Preparing to launch new products and services is such an amazing time for any business owner! But this is actually where many entrepreneurs skip a crucial step: setting the energetic and strategic foundation for their business.


That’s where I come in; I guide my clients to approach their businesses more holistically. What does that mean? Well, business strategy is important, of course. But when you combine it with intuition & money mindset work, the results can be life-changing. When all three elements are in place, success is inevitable! I’ve witnessed it first-hand, both in my clients’ businesses and in my own.


Being a part of these fantastic transformations is the reason I’m SO super excited about my upcoming Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat!


I’ve seen it before…when we can spend time together (especially in-person!) focusing on that holistic approach to business, my clients have accelerated their progress beyond their expectations. 


During my Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat, we’ll have workshops to cover each key “secret ingredient” to success. You will:

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition so that you don’t waste time in self-doubt, fear, or procrastination.
  • Raise your vibration around money so that you remove blocks and instead attract (and hold onto!) more money.
  • Soak up business strategy coaching sessions that guide you on increasing your profits with a one-to-many offer without falling prey to overwhelm.


All of these things are totally possible within your business! Can you imagine how smoothly and how quickly your business could grow with these three elements in place?


That’s the whole idea behind this retreat: an immersive experience that transforms your business AND your life. Once you return home, you’ll be equipped with the tools & techniques to elevate your business.


Ok, so I’ve told you all about the golden nuggets you’ll learn at the retreat. But wait until you hear about WHERE it’s happening…


Escape to a gorgeous setting that happens to be one of the EASIEST places to travel to in the world right now.


This retreat is happening February 12-17th at the magnificent Wanderlust Utopia retreat space in Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. 


If you’re wondering about how complicated it is to travel there, rest easy! There are currently NO RESTRICTIONS for traveling to Nicaragua. You don’t need a test or a vaccination card! All you need is health insurance. That’s it!


To get there, book a flight to Liberia, Costa Rica, which also has no travel restrictions and is less than two hours from the Wanderlust Utopia space. Once you arrive, we will take care of the transportation over the border into Nicaragua and for the ferry onto Ometepe Island. 


Believe it or not, getting there is even simpler than flying to Europe! And I know this because I just vacationed in Belgium, which was not as easy to get into because of the travel restrictions. 


So don’t let the travel stop you. Let it inspire you to escape your current surroundings and journey to a uniquely enriching experience that will help you propel your business forward.


Oh, and did I mention the self-care aspect of this getaway?


Get ready to be spoiled on this retreat!


Although I’ve run retreats in the U.S. before, this is my first with an international destination. Danielle of Pacha Vega Foods will provide a mouthwatering & healthy raw food menu to nourish your body while our workshops nourish your mind. Seriously, she makes the best food I’ve EVER tasted!


And let’s not forget the beauty of the retreat space, located on Central America’s biggest lake. The island was formed by two majestic volcanoes (now inactive), providing the perfect backdrop for this transformational experience.


Looking for more reasons to join us?


In addition to the informational & interactive workshops I mentioned above, you’ll also receive one-on-one business support from me during the retreat. We’ll talk about your business, and I’ll guide you on how to take it in the direction you want it to go, whether it’s offline or online. This private session is included in your investment in the retreat!


This retreat is for adventurous business owners ready to make 2022 the year they level up. And if you’re still not sure if it’s worthwhile, just ask yourself:


  • What if I never had to second-guess myself because I’m so tapped into my intuition and in my flow state? What if I always knew the next step that would take me to the next level?
  • What if I could expand my paradigm on money and receive more of it at once so that I can buy the land, build the house, care for my parents, take the vacation, pay off debt, or invest in my savings?
  • What if I could scale my business with a one-to-many offer without always having to trade my time for money?


If you’re ready to scale your business, join me for the adventure of a lifetime to kick off your best year yet. (Did I mention you can write it off as a business expense?)


Put an end to the struggles that have kept your business from growing. Spread your wings for a coaching retreat like no other!


Registration for the Wanderlust Intuitive Business & Self-Care Retreat is $1897 and includes all meals, workshops, and coaching.


Claim your spot with a 50% deposit now, then pay the remaining 50% on February 1st.


PLUS, there are still four spots left to get a private room at the Wanderlust Utopia! (Two of them are already gone.) Sign up today to lock in your solo room while they’re still available!

P.S. If you still have questions about whether this retreat is right for you, let’s talk…email me!

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