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How to Ditch the Hustle and Scale Your Business to Consistent $10K Months with Ease

How to Ditch the Hustle and Scale Your Business to Consistent $10K Months with Ease

“I don’t want to spend the next six months trying to figure out all the things.”


Are you thinking that, too?


So many entrepreneurs find themselves in this place in their businesses: they’ve had some success (like their first $10K month!), but they aren’t sure how to keep it going consistently.


Even more importantly, they worry about burning out. And they haven’t found a way to scale their business in a holistic way.


That’s where coaching can bring huge progress.


My clients are often right at this point in their online businesses. And they quickly recognize the value of receiving guidance on how to grow in a way that doesn’t drain them physically and energetically. Helping them navigate this phase of their businesses is what I do best!


To guide them on turning their first (or sporadic) $10K month into consistent $10K months, I work with them on three areas.

  1. Devising an online strategy to attract your ideal clients with ease.
  2. Strengthening their money mindset to encourage abundance.
  3. Setting intentions about how they can build wealth without compromising their health.


With these systems in place, many of my clients have made their six-month investment back within ONE MONTH of working with me! That’s pretty much unheard of in the coaching space.


I have ONE opening for my one-on-one coaching container to shoot for consistent $10K months!


Right now, I’ve got just ONE of my limited one-on-one coaching spots available. Here’s who I’m working with:


  • Product- or service-based businesses ready to grow to the 6-figure mark and beyond. They’ve already hit their first $8K-10k month and are ready to make their income consistent with an expanded product suite of offers.
  • Entrepreneurs who want support in maximizing their team structure so that they are WORKING LESS and PROFITING MORE without getting bogged down in the details.
  • Business owners who want guidance on establishing systems for their businesses so they can create processes once and not have to reinvent the wheel each time. For example, I work with my clients on feeling 100% confident in their aligned system for getting clients to come to them consistently.


If you’re curious about diving deeper into these areas with me to grow YOUR business, book a FREE 30-minute connection call. No strings attached! 


Still not sure? Keep reading!

How do I help my clients bust through their up & down income to consistent $10K months?


Here’s why I focus on those three areas with my clients to boost their income.


1. Devising an online strategy.


Without a defined online strategy, you’re either:

a) Not taking advantage of the significant boost an online presence can offer, or 

b) Taking a scattered, ineffective approach to promoting your business online.


Unfortunately, winging it will not deliver consistency in your business. And it won’t encourage growth while still allowing you to live the life you want.


And if you have all the sales know-how in the world? That’s wonderful, but you’ll still need an online strategy to bring business to you instead of constantly living on the hunt for clients. 


Imagine how good it would feel to have a flow of clients and offers that you can launch to have consistent $10K months? THAT’S the benefit of having an online strategy.


2. Strengthening Your Money Mindset


The first time your business hit $10K in one month was exhilarating. Right?


But then your celebration was likely soon overshadowed by another thought: “Can I do it AGAIN?” You’re not alone, you know; this feeling happens to all of us.


If it took nonstop, 24/7 hustle to reach that figure, the idea of repeating that success (more $10K months?!) can be daunting. You may even seriously wonder if you have what it takes to do this EVERY month. What you WANT is an easier way. One that fills you with feelings of abundance and positivity.


So it makes sense that money mindset is another area I work on with my clients. 


First, we establish thoughts that strengthen your energy around money. Challenge the old belief that you have to wake up & work at a desk all day long to make money. Get comfortable with abundance.


And think about what the money means to you. I have my clients ask themselves:


“How much do I want to earn?”

“What will I use that money for?”


It’s not enough to simply set income goals. Knowing WHY you want that money and what you plan to do with it really anchors your motivation and keeps you from losing focus.


Your pricing structure also factors into your financial goals and whether or not they’re realistic. We review your pricing model and consider if it matches your overall income goals. If your only offer is low-priced and sells inconsistently, it’ll be tough for you to scale to six figures. As someone who struggled with burnout from that very issue, I KNOW there’s a better way.  


3. Setting Intentions About Your Business


This one takes some people by surprise, but it’s SUPER important…


You have to SLOW DOWN and THINK. 


Think about how you want to balance your business with your life. Entrepreneurs are known for skipping this step, and all it does is lead to burnout, which is NOT where you want to be. 


I help my clients map out how they want to live and how they can arrange their business to help them achieve it. This might include bringing on a team member. It might mean hiring a cleaning lady — like I did! Instead of handling the cleaning myself, I used those freed-up hours on some self-care and then returned to a sparkling home. And it was SO. Worth it. I made that decision thanks to all the money mindset work I did! (I can show you how to get there, too!)


I help my clients shake the lies society has told us about working.


Do you find yourself thinking these things?


  • “I have to do everything myself.”
  • “I have to work hard to make money.”
  • “I have to be at my desk to make money.”


When we remove these limiting thoughts and replace them with more aligned thoughts, we are free to rise and grow and shift how we operate. And that’s when opportunities come into flow.


If any of this is making you think, “YES, that is EXACTLY where I’m stuck,” let’s talk about it! We can discuss where you are in your business and if you’re ready for one-on-one coaching to scale your business while honoring your health & your lifestyle.


Helping my clients grow sustainably and successfully is the BEST part of what I do!


How do you know if you’re ready to level up your business by working with me in my one-on-one coaching container? Here’s how you can tell:


  • You’ve made your first $10K month in sales, and you want support to make that cash flow consistent through online strategy, money mindset work, and/or team building.
  • You’re ready to hire your first (or next) team member so that you can delegate more of what you don’t want to do and focus more on what you LOVE. (Think: working ON your business vs. working in your business. That’s a game-changer!)
  • You want to build confidence in your business and set up systems so that you’re not always trading time for money or re-inventing the wheel each month. Your desire is to avoid burnout and create wealth while prioritizing your most precious asset: your health.


If you’re having some success in your business, but you’re thinking, “I don’t want to spend the next six months trying to figure out all the things to make consistent $10K months,” we NEED to talk. Because I KNOW you can do this!


Book a FREE 30-minute connection call with me, and let’s see if it’s a good fit!


On the call, we will do one of three things, depending on where your business is currently:


  • Map out a plan to achieve consistent $10K sales months without stressing over having to reinvent the wheel each month while also maintaining your health in full alignment with the lifestyle you want to live
  • Pinpoint your first or next hire that will help simplify your life & catapult your income results
  • Get clear on an online strategy that will help maximize your online growth to have leads coming to you consistently, instead of feeling like you’re constantly chasing


Sound too good to be true?


I mean…these client results speak for themselves…


“I built, launched, and signed my first high-ticket client within 1 month of launching my business, and I’ve already hit my first $10k in sales just 4 months in, thanks to Meredith’s support and accountability! She helped me see my business idea and kept me accountable to make it happen and build a solid business foundation, without stressing or getting stuck in fear! She also gave me the confidence to SELL at a price point I once thought was impossible. I am so grateful I took the leap of faith and began working with her!”

  • Laura Corson, Mindset Coach & past One-on-One client 


“I studied via ‘Insert top industry coach’ AND with you!!! No comparison having YOU to be accountable weekly!!! I popped some bubbly last night after hitting my first $10k month!! And I JUST re-signed a client into my 6-month program at my new price, and it feels so good!!! Thank you thank you” 

  • Monica Fernandi of Awakened Soulmate Coaching & past One-on-One Client


So set up that call while the single one-one-one coaching spot is still available. I’m really excited to meet you and chat with you about how to enjoy consistent $10K months in your online business!

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