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Top Four Questions About Hiring A Coach Answered

Top Four Questions About Hiring A Coach Answered

If you are on the fence and have questions about hiring a business coach, you are probably using Google to find answers to the following:


Why do I need a business coach?

How will a business coach help me?

Is it worth the investment?

What benefits will I obtain?


After reading three of my client’s candid responses on working with me, you will have the answers to these questions. And you will be closer to breaking through that fence.


So let’s dive right in.


1. Why do you need a business coach?


Simply put, you have problems that are blocking your ability to grow your business. And a coach, like me, can help you break through those blocks by providing clarity, accountability, and guidance.


In Monica Fernandi’s case, her two-year problem involved digging deep and defining her niche. 


Ashley Belin said her problem was she “had a really beautiful idea and didn’t know how to actualize it. I didn’t have anyone holding my hand or even kicking my butt. And my biggest fear about stepping into my work was whether or not I would be able to have the self-discipline.” 


Micha Mayotte stated that her problem was the sense of overwhelm and the lack of clarity on what she needed to focus on. She always felt like she was “throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what stuck.”


So they decided to work with me and had significant breakthroughs. Breakthroughs that will answer your following question:


2. How will a business coach help me?


For Monica, it was clarity. Our sessions together helped her clearly define her niche and her mission statement. She now has a deeper understanding of what problem she solves and how.


Ashley says that she could not have accomplished so much without the accountability and guidance she obtained through my coaching. Together, we took her ideas and abilities to define her offer. And we broke down deep-rooted limiting beliefs that helped her land her biggest paying client.


As for Micha, she obtained the clarity to create a framework for her business. Now she feels organized and secure, knowing she has a sustainable business that can thrive as long as it exists.


Like my coaching clients above, how a coach can help you largely depends on the problems you wish to solve when you hire one.


Once you choose to work with a coach, you will probably wonder the following:


3. Is it worth the investment?


Monica, Ashley, and Micha all agreed that their investment in coaching with me was worth it! All three had the same money block when it came to investing in their business and themselves. 


But, when they chose to improve their money mindset and invest in my coaching – abundance happened. And they have all been able to make back most of their investment.


Monica’s investment was validated when her business doors opened. And when she felt she was on the right path for her business.


Ashley found worth in her investment when she felt she was stepping into her power and embracing her entrepreneurial journey.


And Micha realized the power of her investment by reaching 100% fulfillment. Something that she lacked as a stay-at-home mom. Once she was able to use her creative energies in a business that is her calling, she felt more fulfilled.


Still not convinced that it’s time to hire a coach to reach your next level of business? 


Let’s talk about:


4. What benefits will I obtain?


The benefits will differ depending on the business coach you choose.


I’ve been called a Type A Hippie Strategist who can give you a birds-eye view of your business. Someone who gets you out of the weeds and guides you through building a solid infrastructure for a sustainable business. And a coach who will hold a space for you to deep dive into and break through the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological blocks that can come up during your entrepreneurial journey.


Most of my clients love that I am available to answer their questions quickly through communication apps. They have also found benefits in my guidance, knowledge, accountability, and expertise. But what they most rave about is my ability to cheer you on and help you break your mental barriers.


You can obtain the freedom to create the life of your dreams and reach your business and money goals. And you can do so without sacrificing your health, well-being, or relationships to have a thriving business.


These are a few of the benefits that my coaching can provide for you.


Are you ready to walk through that fence now?


For a limited time, I’m offering FREE clarity calls to help you get over your #1 block holding you back from reaching your next income level. Whether that’s 2k per month or 20k, we’ll identify where you’re at and where you want to be. 


On the phone, we’ll identify the block. And I’ll show you exactly how to shift it, so you don’t have to waste any more time or money in self-sabotage. 


Simply pick a time on my calendar that works for you here.

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