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The One Thing & Six Steps to Earn Your First 10K in Your Online Business

The One Thing & Six Steps to Earn Your First 10K in Your Online Business

Are you currently stuck on pricing, business strategy, or how to get more high paying clients? If so, you could be holding yourself back from earning your first 10K online. Imagine if there was one single thing you could shift in your business today to get your business moving forward. This one thing (coupled with the right support) has helped many of my clients fast-track their way to earning 10K months. 


I know what you are thinking. I’ve tried so many things before, and nothing has worked. So why should I keep reading…or even listen to you?


Well, it’s because the one thing I’m talking about is your mindset. Your mindset will either drive your success or send you on yet-another pitfall (kind of like the one you are in right now).


That’s why you are still stuck – feeling like you are on a hamster wheel. Because most gurus and experts out there preach the hustle culture…but fail to help you create a rock-solid mindset. 


Yes, they have tactics and strategies that work for them. But most of the time, the strategies don’t work for you. So you are stuck – in a cycle of pitfalls, confusion, and doubt.


How I know mindset is key.

I see that cycle in entrepreneurs all the time – even in myself. You see, a year ago…I was you. I was riddled with self-doubt and impostor syndrome. Not only was I struggling to attract my soulmate clients….I was scraping by, making $40K a year. That’s just a little over $3K a month (and it wasn’t consistent)!


I had no systems in place for attracting clients consistently, I could barely pay my coach at the time, and my credit cards were maxed out from over 15k (mostly from business investments). 


As tough as it is to share, this time last year, I was struggggggggling (like I’m talking captain of that freak’n street!) and I was so frustrated with the online business world that I almost quit my online business altogether.


I felt inferior to other coaches in the same niche as me posting about their 10K + months and wondered, what the hell was I doing wrong?


What was the secret sauce they had and I didn’t?


My thoughts were in a hamster wheel on repeat…


“Why does it seem so easy for everyone else?”


“Why isn’t this working for me? I was paid 6-Figures as a consultant for my expertise in online strategy & brand building, why couldn’t I do this for myself to get clients?”


I was also riddled with imposter syndrome,


“Who am I to do this work?”


It was rough…and I honestly can’t believe that was only a year ago, seems like a lifetime because so much has changed since.


So, what shifted?

Last year, after moving back home to help out my Mom with my father’s worsening dementia – I got real with myself. And I started to work on my mindset.


Seeing my father in this debilitating state and reflecting on all his hard work (only to build someone else’s riches) made me realize that I wanted something different. 


I wanted to build a business that aligned with who I was, was sustainable, and helped me live my life with less stress for better health.


So, after working on my mindset (with six actionable steps), clarifying my goals, and defining my ideal clients, I got the support I needed. And in less than one year of my mindset shift, I ended 2020 with $103,842 total earned and manifested. And I hit $8,750 in sales before the first week of Jan 2021 was over! 


My father’s failing health and my mindset shifts are why I became a Holistic Business Coach. One who helps ambitious heart-centered entrepreneurs ditch overwhelm and fear so they can build, launch, and grow an aligned business online. 


As you can see, I love empowering women. So I’m sharing the six steps that helped shift my mindset…in hopes that you can get unstuck.


What I learned is that it can be SIMPLE (a lot more simple than I was making it and probably you too).  So, if you’re reading this and feeling the same way I was…inferior, stuck, fearful, overwhelmed, unsure of what your next step is that’s going to get you to your first 10k online (or making it consistent)…and you’re like most of my clients who want 2021 to be their highest income year yet, then make sure you implement these next steps. 


How you can build a rock-solid mindset with six actionable steps

Shifting your mindset takes intentional work. But once you shift your mindset, you create the foundation for building a sustainable online business.


Here are the steps that have helped me and many ambitious heart-centered entrepreneurs create a $10K mindset that evolves into a 100k mindset. 


You need to:

  1. Get super honest about your relationship with money and worth (and get the right support to help you with your blocks).
  2. Stop making excuses and letting fears run your life. I know – easier said than done but worth the work. 
  3. Become solution-focused by following people’s success habits who align with you and who you want to emulate and embody.
  4. Get LASER focused on money and how to make it by realizing that you are building a business…not a hobby.
  5. Focus on results and numbers and detached from the emotional. Don’t tie your worth to analytics and numbers. Instead, use these as guides to see what is working for your business and what is not.
  6. Start thinking like the person who already has the clients and is earning 10K months.

If you start practicing these six steps – you will shift your mindset. You will move towards sustainable growth in your online business. One that easily generates your first 10k online, and makes it consistent so that you can reach 100k in 2021!

How to fast-track your 10K mindset and build a sustainable online business

Now do you believe shifting your mindset can help you get unstuck and increase your earning potential to 10K a month? 


From personal experience…I know changing your mindset can mean the difference between earning $40K a year to more than double that in less than a year.


I know you are excited about implementing my six steps to shift your mindset. Would you like to fast-track it? 


There is no doubt that you can build a sustainable online business. But, I want to empower you by helping you identify your mindset blocks that are holding you back and making it take way longer than it needs to for you to make your first 10k online. Because it’s one of the steps that I find everyone struggles with the most.


So I’m offering a FREE call to help you identify your biggest mindset blocks to making your first 10k online. You can click here to schedule your free private call with me.


I wish I had something like this 5 years ago, because it would have saved me YEARS (seriously) of time wasted in self-sabotage and fear, and thousands trying to piece together the latest online strategies.


This call is for the powerful entrepreneurs ready to make their first 10K online. And who wants to do this without stress, fear, or overwhelm.


On this call, we’ll dive deep into your business and identify the #1 reason you haven’t hit your first 10k online so that you can begin 2021 with clarity & tools to reach your income goals.


I look forward to helping you build a scalable online business. One that helps you live a life of freedom, flexibility, abundance, and wellness.


Get clarity now and click here to reserve your spot! **Limited time offer (3 spots already gone!)

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