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Seven Visibility Strategies to Attract the Right Clients & Earn Your First $10K

Seven Visibility Strategies to Attract the Right Clients & Earn Your First $10K

The seven visibility strategies I’m about to share with you – could mean the difference between creating an offer that gets you $0 and one that helps you earn your first $10k online.


I know, because I used these strategies in both of my businesses. And it’s how I doubled my income last year. 


Yes, in 12 months, I generated $81K (and manifested over $23k in CASH)


And I owe these results to these seven organic strategies that helped me get clear on my client, messaging, and offer.


All of these helped me breakthrough my feelings of frustration, fear, and impostor syndrome about not having enough coaching clients (all of which I struggled with at the beginning of 2020) – without burning out or compromising my health.


If you are wondering how legit these are and if they are worth reading…


I can assure you that many of my clients (including myself) are using them in their business and are now making $10K plus a month.  


And if you are wondering who I am and why you should start using these in your online business…


I’m a Holistic Business Coach who helps powerful females (like you) ditch the fear and overwhelm so they can build, launch, and grow an online business.

After reading this blog, you can start implementing these simple organic strategies that will save you time and money. So you can earn your first 10K online without the overwhelm and fear.


Seven Visibility Strategies

Without a plan or goal – you get nowhere really quick. 


This is why I created these seven strategies for you to gain clarity on your ideal client, messaging, and offer.


Here they are in order you can use to get quicker results:

  1. Get super clear on who you want to work with and get on the phone with them.
  2. LISTEN to their struggles and craft your messaging around what they need/want.
  3. Show up consistently where YOUR clients hang out online
  4. Focus on growing one platform at once
  5. Get visible on FB groups by re-purposing content without getting content burnout.
  6. Hire help once you have established a foundation to help you scale
  7. Get help every step of the way

These simple strategies can help you get more Soulmate clients who will quickly move your earning potential from $0 to $10K online.


In addition to these strategies, you also need consistency to boost your visibility with the right audience.


How to Get Visible With The Right Audience

Lucky for you, you benefit from my marketing expertise. One that will help you get more visible and build authority for your business.


Below are the six marketing tips that will boost your visibility (numbers 1, 2, and 4 are also part of my seven visibility strategies).

  1. Show up where your ideal client hangs out (market research is key here)
  2. Pick one platform (as your nurture spot) and show up consistently
  3. Start an email list so you have a way of keeping in touch with your audience (outside of social media).
  4. Do market research. Get on the phone with 8 – 10 of your ideal clients and listen to what their struggles are.
  5. Quality over quantity – create intentional and valuable posts that will educate your audience and get them closer to where you want them to be.
  6. Do this consistently to go from zero clients to a flood of clients.

Simple, right? 


The best part is that all of these are organic (FREE) tips that will help you attract the right clients so that you can start earning your first $10K online.


How to Act On Strategy #7 Without Spending a Dime

If you think you have limiting beliefs around earning your first $10K online – I invite you to get on a FREE private call with me to get help on identifying your biggest mindset blocks. So you can start making your first 10k online. 


You can click here to schedule your free private call with me.


I wish I had something like this five years ago because it would have saved me YEARS (seriously) of time wasted in self-sabotage and fear and thousands trying to piece together the latest online strategies.


This call is for the powerful entrepreneurs ready to make their first 10K online (or make it consistent). And who wants to do this without stress, fear, or overwhelm- while taking care of their health and growing their wealth.


On this call, we’ll dive deep into your business and identify the #1 reason you haven’t hit your first 10k online, or made it consistent, so that you can begin 2021 with clarity & tools to reach your income goals.


I look forward to helping you build a scalable online business. One that helps you live a life of freedom, flexibility, abundance, and wellness.

Get clarity now, and click here to reserve one of the limited spots!

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