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Organic Funnels & Five Ways To Create Content For Consistent $10K Months Online

Organic Funnels & Five Ways To Create Content For Consistent $10K Months Online

If you are stuck making less than $10k in your online business…chances are you are not using organic funnels or content that attracts the right clients.


But before you begin to create a funnel or more content, it is essential you master your messaging, offer, and pitch.


Without these, you will confuse your audience. And they will never journey through your funnel – leaving you stuck earning less than $5K a month because you keep lowering your prices to get new clients.


You are a powerful entrepreneur worthy and capable of making consistent $10K months online. And you can do this without stress, fear, or overwhelm if you use these funnels and content creation tips in your business.


So, if you have mastered your messaging, offer, and pitch, keep reading. 


If not, you can start by learning about my secrets to help you create irresistible high-ticket (2k – 10K) offers.

Three Organic Funnels To Attract and Nurture Clients Consistently

Ok, let’s start by defining what a funnel is. A funnel is a container (space) where you nurture your potential client into working with you.


It’s part of your lead generation system. 


Below are three organic funnels which have made many of my clients consistent $10k months. And that you can use in your business. So you never have to worry about not having the right clients ready to work with you.


They are:

  1. Your Facebook group
  2. Freebies that offer a solution to a problem
  3. Your email list

I suggest that one of your funnels is an email list – because you own it. 


Your FB group is owned by Facebook, and should something go wrong with the platform – you don’t have a way of staying in touch with your audience.


Do you know which ones you will use in your business? Let me know in the comments.


Now that you have chosen your funnels, let’s talk about creating content that attracts your ideal client for each funnel without getting burnout. 


How Do You Create Content For Your Funnel

I always tell my clients to create high-energy content that speaks their client’s language and educates them on the ONE thing that leads them closer to where they want their clients to be.


You can do this by:

  1. Creating content “buckets” that educate and engage your ideal client
  2. Creating CTAs (Call to Action) for your free and paid offers at the end of your planned posts
  3. Using storytelling through visual, written, and video content
  4. Aiming to post in 4 – 5 Facebook groups by repurposing content on different days and times so that you are not posting the same content everywhere
  5. Answering these questions about your content before posting:
  • Have I read this post out loud?
  • Is it CLEAR & Sexy?
  • Would I buy this offer?
  • Am I posting this in the right spot for my ideal client to see?
  • Am I educating my audience with something they want to learn or NEED TO KNOW to get the results they want?
  • Am I in the right high-vibe state to post so that my client feels my energy through the screen?

Save this and print it out to have a handy checklist for creating content. 


These are the three organic funnels and content creation tips I use in my business – where I doubled my business income to $81K last year (and manifested over $23k in CASH). And in January of this year earned $10K plus online.


How I Used Facebook as a Funnel to Consistently Earn $10K a Month Online

Yes! I doubled my income in 12 months. Here is how I did it.

  1. I got super clear on who I wanted to work with and got on the phone with them. I LISTENED and crafted my messaging around what they needed/wanted AND directed them with a clear CTA to my funnel.
  2. Showed up consistently where my clients were hanging out online.
  3. I repurposed content, so it seemed like I was everywhere all the time.
  4. I focused on growing one platform, and I brought my ideal clients there to gain value (my FB group became my highest return organic funnel).
  5. I was consistent with my message, built trust, and nurtured my ideal clients after they went through my funnel.
  6. I leveraged other people’s audience to grow mine by promoting on podcasts and other people’s Facebook groups.
  7. I got help every step of the way. From Jan 2020 to NOW, I’ve hired help in marketing, sales, mindset, and business strategy to have accountability & THE BEST guidance. (There is no medal for doing it on your own.)

Now you have all the tools you need to create a funnel that is right for your business. So you can attract the right clients and finally earn $10K consistently online.


So there should be nothing holding you back. But…


Is Something Holding You Back From Making Your First $10K online?

If you think you have limiting beliefs around earning your first $10K online – I invite you to get on a FREE private call with me to get help on identifying your biggest mindset blocks. So you can start making your first 10k online. 


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I wish I had something like this five years ago because it would have saved me YEARS (seriously) of time wasted in self-sabotage and fear and thousands trying to piece together the latest online strategies.


This call is for the powerful entrepreneurs ready to make their first 10K online. And who want to do this without stress, fear, or overwhelm – while taking care of their health and growing their wealth.


On this call, we’ll dive deep into your business and identify the #1 reason you haven’t hit your first 10k online so that you can begin 2021 with clarity & tools to reach your income goals.


I look forward to helping you build a scalable online business. One that helps you live a life of freedom, flexibility, abundance, and wellness.


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