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Stop Trading Time For Money: How A Group Coaching or One-to-Many Offer Can Help You Earn 10K Online

Stop Trading Time For Money: How A Group Coaching or One-to-Many Offer Can Help You Earn 10K Online

Creating a successful group coaching or one-to-many offer starts with gaining clarity on your customer’s journey. So you can create an irresistible offer and price it in a way that allows you to stop trading time for money. 


After all, we are in business to provide transformation for many while generating wealth for ourselves. Right?!


Yes! When you gain this clarity, it will allow you to earn your first 10K and give you the flexibility you want. Most of all…you will be creating an offer that safeguards your wellness and allows you to take time off when you need it the most. 


Some of you may have tried to create a group coaching offer or one-to-many program and failed…


You are not alone. I see so many people putting the cart before the horse by creating a group or one-to-one offer…without thinking about their client journey or pricing it correctly. 


It has led to many group coaching launch failures, stress, and money loss.


If this is you, you will benefit from the following steps. And if you are new to creating a group coaching or one-to-many offer, this will help you avoid these pitfalls.


Are you ready to save time and money while creating an offer that helps you earn your first 10k?


Group coaching success – gain clarity on your customer journey…

Here are your go-to steps for creating a successful one-to-many or group coaching offer.


  1. Hop a call with your clients and ask the tough questions to truly understand their journey and what they want…not what you think they want/need.
  2. Understand how long it will take your ideal clients to get the results (transformation) they want.
  3. Get super solid on their pain…and tailor your offer to solve that pain.


It’s amazing how getting into your customer’s shoes and understanding their pain and journey can benefit your business. It helps your ideal client feel understood…so they can trust more in you and your offer.


Best of all, you can map out the journey for your potential clients. So you can get more “yes’s” than “no’s” or “I’m not ready” on your sales calls. And that’s what will lead to making your first 10k online.


How should I price my group coaching or one-to-many offer?

Ok, now that you have nailed your customer’s journey, it’s time to talk about pricing. Because we want to make sure you make it super simple for your ideal client to buy your offer.


So let’s talk about pricing.


You will have to decide if this will be a low ticket ($500 – 1K) or a high ticket ($2k +) offer.


*For the purposes of this challenge, I am using $2k as a high-ticket offer, while some may believe $5k/$10k + is a high ticket* 


To figure this out, ask yourself the following questions…


  1. How much time am I willing to invest in creating this offer?
  2. Will this become my main business offer? Or will this offer introduce my business to my client?
  3. Have I built a successful foundation in my business to start with a higher ticket offer?


If you plan on investing time and have a solid business foundation, then you are ready to create a high ticket offer!


But, if you don’t have a solid business foundation, focus on creating one first. Or you can choose to create a low ticket offer.


How do I calculate pricing for my offer?

Now that you have chosen what type of offer to create…


Let’s focus on calculating the amount of time you will need to invest in creating it. 


For example…if the group coaching or one-to-many will take you 5 hours to create…then take the 5 hours and multiply it by your “hourly” rate to come up with the time cost. 


Let’s say you charge $100 an hour to do client work. That means your investment (cost of time) is (100 x 5) $500.


Also, take into consideration the extra time it will take you to run the program. 


For example, if you create a group coaching where you meet for an hour a week for 8 weeks, add 8 hours to your investment calculation.


This means your investment is now $1,300 for the cost of your time. 


This calculation does not include the offer’s added value or the cost of materials to run the program. So remember to add these to your investment costs.


This example can become a high-ticket offer because your investment costs could very well turn into $2K+. Plus, you are offering accessibility to you.


I always tell my clients never to undervalue their time, which is why I have them go through this exercise when they are calculating pricing for their group coaching or one-to-many offers. In working with my clients, I help them price their offers to enable them to build a 6 figure business foundation.


What to do next to create a successful group coaching/one-to-many offer.

Once you have gained clarity on your client’s pain and their journey…you are ready to create a successful group coaching or one-to-many offer that is irresistible. 


And when you figure out your investment cost for creating the offer, pricing it will become easy.


You may need help gaining more clarity on creating a group coaching or one-to-many offer for your business, so I’m here to help.


I’m offering a free 30-minute call to gain more clarity on how to create a new group coaching/one-to-many program or refine one that you already have. So you can create your group coaching or one-to-many offer and make your first or next 10K online.


Inside this call, we will define what business stage you are currently in. And how we can either create, refine, and sell your group coaching or one-to-many offering.

Click here to book the call that will help you launch a successful group coaching or one-to-many offer. So you can start earning 10K online without sacrificing your health.

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