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Secrets To Establishing Your Irresistible Offer to Hit Your First 10k Online (or Make it Consistent)

Secrets To Establishing Your Irresistible Offer to Hit Your First 10k Online (or Make it Consistent)

I’m excited to share my secrets to help you create irresistible high-ticket (2k – 10K) offers…that will help you earn your first 10k online.


If you have been following me, you know I’m all about empowering ambitious heart-centered entrepreneurs to ditch overwhelm and fear so they can build, launch, and grow an aligned business online.


Keep reading, and you will learn my secrets for creating an irresistible offer, how to market your irresistible offer, and how to double your sales this year.


Spoiler alert – the secrets have nothing to do with how much you charge. 


And everything to do with how well you know your ideal client. So you can create the ONE offer that’s a no-brainer for them to invest in.


If you don’t currently have a high-ticket offer or are selling random offers to everyone – these secrets will help you create that 6-figure income in 2021.


The four secrets to creating an irresistible offer

  1. Get to know your audience by listening. Set time during the week to do market research and social listening on your social platforms, Facebook Groups, and Clubhouse. And schedule market research or sales calls with your ideal clients to get to know them better.
  2. Identify their pain points, language, and create the ONE solution for their needs.
  3. Find out what they want vs. what they need. Focus on the transformation and how long it will take to see results (30, 60, 90 days, or six months).
  4. Price your offer based on the value (transformation), and don’t attach the amount to your worthiness. Focus on how much time, stress, and money they are saving by investing in you.

How simple was that?! Let me know if you are struggling with implementing any of the secrets to create your high-ticket offer. 


Market your offer successfully

Remember these four things for marketing and selling success.

  1. Build your audience and expertise at least 30 days before launching your offer (it can be less if you already have an audience).
  2. Be patient – it takes an average of 3 – 6 months to build your like, trust, and authority with your audience (consistency is key here).
  3. Start nurturing and building your audience before you launch your offer.
  4. Focus on marketing and selling the offer first…and build out the details of your offer second.

Ok, now that you know how to build an irresistible offer and how to market it – ready to learn how you can double your sales in 2021?


How I doubled my sales (in less than a year) by implementing eight things in my business

By shifting my mindset and focusing on these eight things, my sales doubled in 2020 (yes, during the craziest year!).


You can do the same by:

  1. Getting super clear on who you want to work with, talking to them on the phone, and LISTENING.
  2. SHAPING your offers to SOLVE your ideal client’s problems (so they can gain freedom).
  3. Focusing on ONE offer that builds the solid foundation for your business before creating the 2nd offer based on their needs
  4. Getting good at marketing and sales (client retention & attraction)
  5. Disconnecting emotions from business and focusing on results, stats, and numbers.
  6. THINKING like the person who already has it ALL and not like the one that lacks clients and money.
  7. Changing your script (mindset) to: “OMG, my ideal clients are booking calls with me.” “They are engaging with my posts and Lives.” “I’m selling my ONE offer.”
  8. Showing up as the CEO you are by getting resourceful and getting the help you need. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to make money to invest in the support you need.


When you create irresistible offers, market them properly, and implement these eight things in your business – you can BE THE BEST for my clients. And you can start helping more people because you are no longer overwhelmed or stressed out.


Get the help you need to earn your first 10k online.

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