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Entrepreneurs, Conquer Your Fear of Failure in Your Online Business with These Two Words

Entrepreneurs, Conquer Your Fear of Failure in Your Online Business with These Two Words

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart.


Even if you start your business journey bubbling over with excitement and soaring goals, you may find yourself fizzling out with thoughts like:


  • “Hmm…maybe it’s not the right time.”
  • “I’m going to wait until <x> happens, and THEN I’ll bring my business from offline to online.”
  • “I need more experience before I can attract the clients I want to work with.”


It’s kind of like when you were a kid, and you went to a swimming pool with a diving board. Watching other kids jump in, you could tell it was so much FUN…and YOU wanted to have that same feeling of exhilaration. 


But when you stood at the edge of the diving board, your fears crashed the party. Launching your business can feel the same way…


The fear of failure can be overwhelming.


Suddenly, you’re afraid that you aren’t good enough. Or that the thing you want to do is actually impossible. You ask yourself, “Can I REALLY do this??” Or maybe imposter syndrome haunts you into asking, “Who am I to do this?”


Those thoughts can keep you frozen. And then you’re stuck with an online business that isn’t working. Or if you have an offline business, maybe you never quite make the shift to an online model…


And listen, fear is a totally natural feeling. It’s there to protect us from dangerous situations. But sometimes, it creeps in when we face a challenge. And unfortunately, it can derail our progress and sink our goals.


One lesson I learned from my clients’ experiences AND my own? The only thing that’ll help you blast past those negative thoughts is to take ACTION.


In other words…




And I know it may SOUND easy. But I remember dealing with the same anxieties…


Four years ago, despite my enormous fear of failure, I started my online business. It took me a whole year to find my first client. But once that happened, the next one showed up. Then, the next one, and the next, as I soared past my fear and into freedom.


And now? I have courses, group coaching packages, and one-on-one offers that attract my ideal clients with ease. And I just wrapped up my very first international business & self-care retreat on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. The female business owners who joined me there spent six days getting laser-focused on their entrepreneurial goals while also taking time for self-care. 


When those ladies left, they were transformed, ready to grow their businesses with joy, ease, and flow. Being able to guide them to that place of confidence and abundance felt so energizing to me! It’s the BEST part of my business.


Better yet, because my business is set up with multiple income streams, including coaching and courses, I was able to earn money even though I was watching beautiful sunsets on that island escape. 


And all of this happened because I followed my “JUST START” instinct four years ago.


A big reason I’m at this point in my business? I hired a coach. 


She asked me to think about the values that were important to me so I could align them with the business I wanted to create. Doing this makes all the difference in building something that feeds your soul instead of sucking it dry. 


So think about the values that are MOST IMPORTANT in your life. 


Want some examples? Here are the values I listed as the most important to me. Are these on your list, too?


#1 Time Freedom

Back when I ran my offline business, I traded time for money. Every offer I sold required my full attention, so if I wanted to MAKE MORE, I had to WORK MORE. 


I realized I couldn’t reach my goals that way. Burnout was sure to grab me by the ankles and pull me into the abyss.


So many entrepreneurs fall into that trap, and I can tell you, it leads to misery. That’s why it’s important to think about how you want your life to look and then design your business around that. Building on that foundation will get you the time freedom you crave! It’s one of the first tasks I help my clients with.


#2 Abundance of Money

In my offline business, I spent four frantic years scrambling around, feeling overwhelmed, and not making much money.


Plus, I wasn’t charging nearly enough. So my current monetary goals would’ve been IMPOSSIBLE to reach at that time.


Now my money mindset focuses on receiving large amounts of money. And I set up my business to allow that abundance to flow in, too, with multiple streams of income that don’t require my constant attention.


When I help clients connect with an abundance mindset, it changes everything!


#3 Family/Friends/Self-Care

This value is closely linked with time freedom, opening the doors to connect with family and friends. And it allows us the space for self-care that relaxes and re-energizes us. The more we nurture our spirits and personal relationships, the more rewarding life can be.


Recently, I traveled overseas to visit my family. And I was so grateful to have the opportunity to spend precious time with the people who are so important to me. I designed my business to make it possible for me to connect like that, and I help my clients do the same thing.


#4 Travel

Well, you just read about how I traveled to see my family! The beauty of it is that I can explore the world while still being able to work when I want to and relax when I want to. For business owners like me who crave adventure, it’s so freeing to have that ability!


When I had my offline business, this just wasn’t possible. Something always came up that needed attention, and I was forced to decide between making money and taking a voyage to a destination that called to me. Now I never have to make that choice because I get to make money WHILE I travel.


If you have many of these same goals for your life & business, what’s blocking you from achieving them?


What if you had guidance to overcome your fear of failure?


What if I could help you design an online business that allows you to live in alignment with your true purpose? One that’s scalable and can provide the life you’ve always dreamed of?


That’s exactly what I’m offering my clients in my signature 3-month Fear to Freedom Academy!


From start to finish, we cover all the components of shifting your offline business to online. 


For those with existing online businesses, we break down why you’re not making sales (or generating a consistent cash flow) and make adjustments. We set up the systems and structures that you need to have a thriving online business.


You’ll get live coaching with me on 10 group calls and 2 one-on-one calls. And you’ll get the guidance and support to create and sell your offers and establish the systems to run your business smoothly.


Plus, you’ll soak up the information in the pre-recorded modules. They’ll break down every step for you so that you’ll understand exactly how to go from fear to freedom in your online business!


Fear to Freedom is for ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to launch & grow online and attract the abundance they deserve (WITHOUT the hustle!)


So far, three sets of graduates have completed the Fear to Freedom Academy, and it’s been so awesome to see where they are now: getting clients and selling their offers consistently. And all they had to do was say yes to getting help, be coachable, and JUST START.


Get on the waitlist now to be the first to get notified when Fear to Freedom Academy doors open for the fourth round of ambitious entrepreneurs! 


PLUS, I’m offering special bonuses to the folks on my waitlist, so if you want in on the goodies, click here now!

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