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Busting 4 of the Most Paralyzing Myths You’ll Face in Your Online Business

Busting 4 of the Most Paralyzing Myths You’ll Face in Your Online Business

Beliefs are POWERFUL. 


They can steer you steadily toward success or failure. They can shape your reality. And to think, all of this power lies in your mind!


So take a minute and think about this: are your beliefs serving your growth? Or are they sabotaging your soul-centered vision of your business and life?


After coaching dozens of online entrepreneurs, I can positively say that mindset is a huge hurdle to jump on the road to a thriving business. So I’m going to bust some of the most common myths that paralyze entrepreneurs who want to know how to start an online business. Are any of these myths swimming in your head? Time to yank them out!


MYTH #1: If you start an online business, you’ll have to spend ALL your time online.


You absolutely DO NOT have to be online constantly to have a thriving business, especially if you’ve taken the time to set it up correctly. These steps, which I covered in my “Day 1” and “Day 2” Facebook live videos (in my Fearless Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group!) include:


  • Clearly defining your ideal client
    • What are their struggles? 
    • Their dreams? 
    • And what solution can help them transform?
  • Deciding how you want to show up in your business
    • Are you passionate about what you offer?
    • How many hours per week do you want to work?
    • Which platforms will you use for marketing your business?
  • Setting up client attraction systems that promote you and your business online while you’re offline.


So, yeah, WITHOUT those foundational steps completed, you MIGHT spend a lot more time online chasing clients and pitching to the wrong audience. Worse yet, you could be wasting your audience’s time and money. And who wants that? 


That’s why I help my clients focus on building a solid foundation and setting up client attraction systems. With those elements in place working FOR you, you’re free to focus on your zone of genius. Or use the time offline to journal, network, travel…whatever your heart desires! My goal is to help you create an online business that gives you FREEDOM!


So that myth is officially DEBUNKED! In fact, I now spend less time online and more time doing the work I love. Don’t get me wrong–I love going live on Facebook. But now, I get to do it in a way that educates my audience without feeling pressured to hunt for clients 24/7. Operating a booming online business is much more manageable when you have the right approach that balances wealth AND health!


MYTH #2: The technology required for running an online business is TOO COMPLICATED.


Some of the most powerful female entrepreneurs I’ve coached have faced this limiting belief. Because they were in their 40s and beyond, they thought, “I’m too old to figure out the technology for an online business! Guess I missed the boat…”


No way! Once you solidify your foundation (as I mentioned above) and get those initial systems in place (you’ll get support on completing this in Fear to Freedom Academy!) , this part can be much easier than you think. And it definitely shouldn’t be the reason you don’t pursue your vision of running an online business.


So, what technology would you actually NEED to run an online business? There are three critical systems…


1. A payment system


THE most important tool! You need the ability to invoice your clients and give them an easy way to pay you. 


Why? Because you want your relationship with your client to be positive and supportive. Chasing them for payments with a manual billing system does NOT create the dynamic you want to share. It’s SO much easier to have the right systems in place that allow money to flow to you with little effort.


Some examples for accepting payment include Stripe (that’s what I use) and PayPal. Each has its own features and limitations, so it’s best to research the one that sounds right for you. 


2. A contract system


A contract is the ultimate form of communication between a service provider and a client. It clearly outlines what the two parties expect from each other and provides protection if either side fails to follow through. Super important!


There are a few different tools that help you get contracts signed and/or organized, such as DocuSign or SignRequest (the one I use). These allow you to send a contract to your client to get their digital signature. Once that’s done, you can deliver your product or service and receive payment, which is the BEST feeling!


Some online tools can handle contracts AND payments, making managing the moving parts of your business even easier. One example is HoneyBook, which lets you send contracts and set up individual or recurring invoices. There are other tools that work the same way, and you can definitely learn to use them like the powerful entrepreneur you are! 


3. An email system


Want to know one of the most impactful things you can do to grow your business? Collect your audience’s email addresses!


I know…grabbing email addresses is not very glamorous. BUT it’s super powerful for nurturing that relationship with your audience. 


Once you have the attention of prospects who may be your ideal clients, scoop up their contact info by offering a freebie. They get value from your freebie, and you get the ability to continue communicating with them and keeping them engaged. 


You can share tips, case studies, information about your products or services…the list goes on and on. And when you’re ready to launch your offer via email, you’ll have a primed audience who has witnessed your authority first-hand.


Options for a contact management/email system include Ontraport (my choice!), Mailchimp, Flodesk, and more. 


MYTH #3: The market/online space is too saturated.


This one has undoubtedly crushed many entrepreneurial dreams. With what feels like zillions of people selling zillions of things online, how are you supposed to stand out? How can you possibly make any money in such a noisy space?


And it’s true…there ARE a lot of people selling online.


BUT how many of them are communicating and selling effectively? Not many! And there’s no other YOU out there, with your experience or your unique point of view.


So, how do you stand out and attract the right people? 


  • Clearly identify your ideal client.
  • Understand their struggles and dreams.
  • Reflect those concepts in your messaging.


Do all that, and your ideal clients will seek you out because they need your solution and want to work with you. Because they’ve seen you show up consistently and trust you. So when the time is right, they’re ready to say yes to your made-just-for-them offer.


The miraculous beauty of the online space is that it is ABUNDANT! You don’t need thousands of followers to have a six-figure business or even to earn your first $5K. You just need the proper foundation in place and a positive mindset. Then watch your business take off!


MYTH #4: You need to run your business all by yourself and/or you need to get clients before getting help.


Think back to one or two years ago in your business…are you in the same position? Has anything evolved to bring in consistent cash flow? If not, consider investing in help to…

  • attract your ideal clients,
  • stop the repeated trial-and-error of figuring out what works,
  • leverage support and accountability for implementing the steps that will draw clients and cash flow to your business.


Listen, it’s great that you’re here, reading my tips about the practices that will help your online business flourish. But without implementation, without accountability, and without getting your questions answered, you might just stay stuck.


If you think about it, the most successful people have support and accountability. They delegate tasks to free up time to focus on their zone of genius. 


Personally, I invest over 50% of my earnings in my support team and coach. Why? Simple: when I have help, I make more money. I’m thinking about where I want to be versus where I am now, and that makes all the difference in choosing how to invest my time and money.


So consider where YOU want your business to be in the next year, two years, five years…and start making those shifts and investments now.


It’s Time to Get Some Momentum Going in Your Online Business…


If you’ve spent time and energy trying to:


  • get clear on your dream client,
  • devise a crystal clear strategy, and
  • develop a strong mindset,


but you’re hitting roadblocks on your own, get support and accountability in Fear to Freedom Academy


In my 12-week group coaching program, eight powerful female entrepreneurs will say goodbye to self-doubt, overwhelm, and stress. Along the way, they’ll get:


  • the accountability to get things done,
  • the foundation for a 6-figure online business and how to create offers that sell consistently,
  • strategies, tools, and resources for an unshakeable mindset that is resilient and prosperous,
  • exclusive and intimate access to me for 12 weeks (you can ask me anything!),
  • a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and a network of business besties


Imagine all the changes your business will experience after you go through the program… What will it feel like to have achieved all the milestones above? Take your business where you’ve always dreamed it could go! 


Sign up by June 29th to score EARLY BIRD SAVINGS of $444! It’ll be the best $2444 you ever invested…

  • Video training modules to cover the business-building steps,
  • 10 Zoom calls to talk about strategies and get your questions answered, and
  • Downloadable guides to map out your progress.


This transformative 12-week program begins the week of July 4th. Just think of what you can accomplish with this training, support, and accountability in 12 WEEKS!


So are you ready? Ready to ditch the fear, hustle, and overwhelm and stay balanced on your journey to the business you’ve always craved? 


The doors close on July 7th (and the regular price of $2888 kicks in on June 22nd!), so start shifting your future today, and sign up for the Fear to Freedom Academy!


P.S. Not sure the Academy is right for you and your online business? Book a call with me by June 30th (and schedule it before July 6th!) so we can talk about where you want your business to be in the next year. If, after we chat, you decide to join the Academy, you’ll get early bird pricing, too!

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