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Want Insider Tips on Finding Your Ideal Client…While You Sleep?

Want Insider Tips on Finding Your Ideal Client…While You Sleep?

Have you ever felt like you were…


  • Constantly chasing clients? 
  • Pitching to the wrong people? 
  • Desperately trying to convince your audience that your solution is the key to turning their struggles into victories?


And have you felt like you NEEDED to sign a client — please, ANY client! — RIGHT NOW??


No? Just me? 🙂


Happily, those hectic hair-pulling days are in my rear view mirror. But I still remember the frantic frustration and anxiety of knowing I was burning out in a hurry. That was not the vibe I had envisioned when I launched my online business. And that’s why I teach every one of my clients how to avoid that pothole on the road to financial and time freedom.


So what IS the secret to growing an online business without having to constantly chase clients and work 40+ hours every week? Client attraction systems.


What are client attraction systems?


Client attraction systems are tools that help you draw in your ideal clients and direct them to resources that make it easier for them to work with you. 


Some examples:

  • An online calendar (so prospects can easily book a call to talk with you about whether your offer can help them) 
  • Social media pages (so potential clients can get a better idea of who you are, what you offer, and whether your solution is right for them) 
  • Scheduling systems for social media posts (so you can plan your posts — and, therefore, a consistent online presence — in advance) 
  • Blog posts (to share your expertise and build authority with prospects) 
  • Wait lists (so you can easily capture potential clients’ email addresses when you’re in between launches)


Client attraction systems do the work FOR you…and I’m going to share with you exactly how it works.


The best part? All of these systems work WITHOUT you having to be online all the time. 

  • Calendar services are available 24/7, so your potential clients can easily book a call within the hours YOU define (versus having to shuffle your schedule to accommodate the call). 
  • Social media & blog posts act as perpetual digital billboards for your business. Your content shows clients your depth of experience and can be scheduled in advance so you don’t have to post them manually. You can also use your social media pages to post links to your calendar, sales pages, etc. This makes it easier for interested prospects to learn more about your offers and work with you. 
  • Facebook groups allow you to showcase your knowledge and your offers to an interested audience. And as you’re building this community of like-minded people, you can ask new members questions to gauge their most aggravating pain points. You can then use this direct input from your target audience to guide your content and address their specific struggles. There’s no better way to serve up the exact information your ideal clients crave! And although you can go live from time to time as I do, you can schedule most of your content in advance. 
  • Set up the wait list for your online offers just once and automatically collect names & email addresses whenever a new prospect finds you. This works even if you’re snoozing in bed or sipping a fruity cocktail on vacation!


As you can see, client attraction systems act like a crew of devoted assistants. Each tool does its job to promote your business and collect valuable data about your ideal clients. With that information, you can serve them even better! And you can do it without having to trade your precious time for money.


Can client attraction systems really help you find your ideal client? Yes!


Another benefit to using these client attraction systems in your business? As your audience explores your social media pages and groups, they become crystal clear on the problem you solve and who you serve.


Because you’re using these systems intentionally with the content you create, those who aren’t right for your offer (and won’t buy from you) weed themselves out. And those who are PERFECT for your offer? They’re even MORE convinced to buy from you!


If you see the value of these systems but feel intimidated by the technology, let me reassure you: they are easy to learn and manage, no matter your age (this isn’t just for millennials!). Once you start using these tools, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!


Take the next step to building a business that creates wealth while honoring your health…


Do you see why I’m such a huge fan of client attraction systems? They play a critical role in supporting and promoting the growth of your business…yes, even while you sleep.


What if you’re ready to set up these systems and level up your business BUT you don’t want to waste time and you’d prefer to have the guidance and accountability of a coach? A coach who can help you make money in your online business in a holistic way that focuses on your wealth AND your health? I’ve got you covered!


In my signature program, the Fear to Freedom Academy, I’ll explain all the steps and strategic processes that will help you build a profitable foundation for your online business. Not only will you reach your first $5K, but you’ll also start earning $5K more consistently!


And the best part is that you’ll reach those income goals while being free…

  • free from constantly trying to hunt down your next client, 
  • free from trading your time for money, and 
  • free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back from your dream business.


The doors to Fear to Freedom Academy are open right now, but only for a limited time. So, how do you know if this program is right for you?


Who would benefit the most from the Fear to Freedom Academy?


This group coaching program is perfect for the powerful female entrepreneur who:


  • Has launched a business online but isn’t making the money she wants, isn’t attracting ideal clients willing to pay, or is stuck with imposter syndrome and just not getting results. 
  • Already has a business but wants to bring it online so she can have a sustainable and thriving business that profits during any economic climate. 
  • Wants to learn from someone who conquered fear and stress to achieve consistent $8K-$10K months online (WITHOUT compromising her health!).


It’s meant for those who want guidance from someone who:

  • has been there and done that,
  • has come out the other side with a thriving business,
  • has helped multiple business owners to navigate past the usual detours that many entrepreneurs struggle with. 


The doors to Fear to Freedom Academy are open right now, but only for a limited time! There will only be eight spots available, so if you’re wondering what’s possible for you if you go through the program, check out the testimonials!


What will you learn in the Fear to Freedom Academy?


Just as I did with the previous course graduates, I’ll walk the eight female entrepreneurs through the strategies that will boost their businesses beyond their dreams. 


In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • build a solid, profitable online business that serves your soul’s purpose and gives your ideal clients the transformation they want WHILE making you more money than ever before in less time, 
  • enable consistent leads to flow in on autopilot and have the confidence to SELL authentically and purposefully to your IDEAL clients, and 
  • bust the myths that are keeping you stuck and, instead, adopt the mindset principles that will help your business soar.


In addition to learning these valuable strategies, my students can count on me for accountability and support the whole way through. I know it can be hard to make shifts and changes. I’ll be there to guide you through it!


Over the 12 weeks of the program, we’ll have ten Zoom calls. You’ll get coaching PLUS time to ask questions and talk about hands-on implementation results. Which of the client attraction systems that you set up during the academy are working? Which aren’t? We’ll discuss all of that during the calls!


Are you ready to claim 2022 as the year your business skyrocketed to success?


This can be your year to grow in a way that feels good to you. No constant hustling. No more chasing clients. When you focus on your wealth AND your health, both you and your business will thrive!


The Academy kicks off during the week of July 4th. You’ll receive access to all the modules right away, plus the ten Zoom calls over the course of 12 weeks.


If you register early by June 15th, you’ll save $444 and get all the goodies in this amazing program for just $2444. But that deal is only good for one week! (After that, you can register by June 21st at the regular price of $2888.)


It’s time to experience the FREEDOM that a successful business offers you…are you ready??


Sign up today! 

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