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Want to Hit Your First $5K Online? You’ll Need More Than Just Strategies…

Want to Hit Your First $5K Online? You’ll Need More Than Just Strategies…

The challenge of hitting your first $5K online reminds me of the time I thought my bike was broken…


When I first got back on my bike after not riding for a while, I had a really tough time getting up a hill. It felt like I was pedaling through two feet of thick mud. Convinced there was something wrong with my bicycle, I told myself, “I gotta get off.” No way was I going to make it up to the top.


That’s when my friend, who was riding with me, said, “You just need to pedal harder…you can do it!”


I got back on the bike and realized she was totally right. My bike WASN’T broken…I just needed some more momentum and force (and encouragement!) to ride up the hill.


If I’d been riding alone that day, I probably would’ve let my doubts convince me to give up and walk my bike up to the top. But because my friend was there to cheer me on and say, “Your bike ISN’T broken…you CAN get up this hill,” 


I shifted my mindset to believe it was possible. And I did it…I reached the top. All because I had support from someone who believed I could do it and held me accountable.


Which is Why Strategies are Important…But Support & Accountability Bring Your Goals Within Reach More QUICKLY


You know, running an online business is not really all that different from riding a bike uphill. Support and accountability fuel you with momentum and force so you can overcome the many challenges you face as a business owner. 


That’s why my 12-week Fear to Freedom Academy group coaching program (which kicks off the week of July 27th!) offers more than just strategies to grow your business. It provides personal support and professional accountability to get you further (more quickly) than you thought possible.


Recently, I went on Facebook live to catch up with two of my clients who have completed a past round of this program (and are now my friends!). They shared their experiences of facing challenges in their online businesses. They had the choice to stop pedaling and walk up the hill.


But instead, they chose to invest in themselves (and in the Fear to Freedom Academy) so they could get support and accountability to conquer any obstacle in their path. Read on to hear their before and after stories so you can see what’s possible and how quickly you can achieve results in your business when you put yourself in the right space.


Meet Monica: Determined to NOT be in the Same Place in Her Business Next Year


Monica Fernandi was STUCK. As an online (and offline) business owner, she found her business mired in the same place year after year. Can you relate?


We met in a Facebook group, and she saw that I helped female entrepreneurs conquer their fears. She was intrigued but wasn’t sure she wanted to invest in coaching. Her biggest fear? Spending the money.


That can be a crushing concern for online entrepreneurs struggling to reach their goals. They wonder how it makes sense to pour money into coaching when so little of it is coming in. I remember being nearly swallowed by that same fear years ago.


Ultimately, Monica decided it wasn’t about the price point of the coaching program. “It’s about the ability to, finally, this time next year, NOT be stuck in the same place.” Monica wanted her business to change…and it did!


Beyond everything I share in the Fear to Freedom Academy — the strategies, the Zoom group coaching calls, the bonus materials — THAT is the real superpower of this program. The supreme fist-pumping satisfaction of growing your business and increasing your income while helping your ideal clients. All while honoring your health as well as your wealth. 


Releasing Fear and Stepping into Freedom


Monica’s journey from fear to freedom started with her admission, “Yeah, okay… I’m a little scared. It’s okay to own that.” Knowing she wasn’t alone in her journey, she felt encouraged to take the actions that would propel her business forward. 


Once we tackled Monica’s limiting beliefs (including being intimidated by technology), narrowed her niche, defined her ideal client, and strengthened her money energy, she was on her way. Since completing Fear to Freedom, her business has “not only doubled,” she says she’s bringing in “the most money I’ve ever made in my life.” And she’s published a book! I’m thrilled with all of Monica’s success and have loved watching it all unfold.


Monica looks back at her decision to join the Fear to Freedom Academy with a triumphant perspective: “We don’t know how good it can be a year from now.” And she’s right! 


Monica is proof that doubling your business and making the most money you’ve made in your life is possible for you, too. That’s how powerful and transformative this program is!


Meet Lu: “Tasting Success Because of That Plunge”


Before business owner and musician Lu Guerrero joined the Fear to Freedom Academy, they were struggling with a lack of clarity and a lack of direction. They were “dancing and flirting with Fear to Freedom” because even though the idea of coaching drew them in, money was a massive issue.  


Still, Lu kept happily fantasizing about where they wanted to be in their business and wondered, “How do I bridge the gap between this version of myself and who I am now?”


The fierce belief in “taking a quantum leap of faith” to get to “the next step of where you’re going” motivated Lu to invest in the Fear to Freedom Academy. “I know I’m being called to something higher.” (Are you sensing a trend of investing even when it feels scary? You’re on the money…literally!)


You Don’t Need to Build Your Online Business Alone…


The most powerful piece of the program for Lu was the one-on-one accountability and feedback, not only from me but also from the other academy members. And hearing others’ journeys brought a sense of community to the experience. Lu remembers thinking, “Okay, I’m not the only one that hasn’t fully mastered life and hasn’t fully transitioned into the final version of what I’m going to be.”


In addition to the online strategy components, the Fear to Freedom Academy also includes work on the mindset of what fear is and how we can move through our blocks even when we have these limiting beliefs. So this program is much more than just a checklist of items for business success. It’s a sounding board and support system that holds your hand as you take action that drives your business further than you can achieve alone.


Fear to Freedom Academy Doors are OPEN! (But only for a little while longer…)


Does the idea of having a profitable online business that serves your soul’s purpose and gives your ideal clients the outcome they want while making you more money in less time sound appealing? If so, you’ll want to seriously consider hopping into the upcoming round of the Fear to Freedom Academy!


In this 12-week group coaching program, you’ll get:

  • the accountability to get things done,
  • the foundation for a 6-figure online business and how to create offers that sell consistently,
  • strategies, tools, and resources for an unshakeable mindset that is resilient and prosperous,
  • exclusive and intimate access to me for 12 weeks (you can ask me anything!), and
  • a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and a network of business besties.


No more fear, stress, or overwhelm! 


Wondering what you’ll have access to in this program?

  • 10 weekly group coaching calls to discuss strategies and get your questions answered
  • video training modules with step-by-step business-building action plans
  • two one-on-one sessions with me to talk about your specific business
  • support and accountability to keep you on track to hit your goals


I’m only taking eight ambitious entrepreneurs for the Fear to Freedom Academy, which means you’ll enjoy plenty of support along the way. So hurry – the doors close on July 27th!


If you’re ready to NOT be stuck in the same place next year and taste success, sign up here!


Hmmm…are you wondering if this program will help you boost profits and align with your mission in the world?


Let’s talk about YOU! Book a call with me by July 20th (and schedule it to happen by that date!!), and if you join the Academy, you’ll save $300 off the regular investment of $2888! Just $2588 for 3 months of proven strategies, motivating accountability, and coaching support! Book the call here!

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