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Want 2022 to be your biggest year in business yet?
If so, break your usual routine & plan for success in a whole new ADVENTUROUS that focuses on what you're truly here on this planet to do.
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Are you an entrepreneur looking to break the pattern of being stuck at the same level in your business?

Do you want to adopt mindset shifts that will change not just your business but your life?

I know exactly how that feels. After struggling in my own business early on, I learned that it takes more than business strategy to reach your goals. It takes a holistic approach...
There were a few shifts in particular that propelled my business forward:

  • Connecting to my intuition allowed me to make business decisions confidently. 
  • Prioritizing my energy by no longer spending time with people who were not in alignment with abundance & prosperity put me in a flow state for success.
  • Prioritizing my energy by focusing on organic reach, aligned messaging, and content creation to build trust & authority freed me from relying too heavily on paid advertising.
  • And expanding my mindset about receiving large sums of money opened up my income possibilities.
By adding those elements to my business success strategy, I went from having just $25 in my bank account to growing my business 480% from 2020 to 2021, and created multiple 5-figure cash months, consistently. 

I've loved coaching others on this holistic approach to business, and for 2022, I had an idea...

What if you could escape your current surroundings and journey to a breathtaking space where you could:

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition so that you don't waste time in self-doubt, fear, or procrastination.
  • Raise your vibration around money so that you attract (and hold onto!) more of it.
  • Soak up business strategy coaching sessions that guide you on increasing your profits without falling prey to overwhelm.
All of that and more is waiting for you at my Wanderlust Intuitive Business, & Self-Care Retreat!
Relax, rejuvenate, and receive to manifest and expand into your next level of business success.

What's Included? 

This all-inclusive retreat is happening April 14-19th, 2022, at Wanderlust Utopia on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. It’s an absolutely breathtaking retreat space offering a view of Central America’s largest lake and two magnificent volcanos.
For six days & five nights, enjoy:

  • Body nourishment in the form of three raw vegan meals per day, including fresh juices, teas, smoothies, snacks, and raw desserts.

  • Spiritual nourishment in the form of workshops to enhance your intuition in business and life.

  • Business coaching via strategy sessions that enable you to receive larger amounts of money at one time without falling prey to overwhelm.

  • Private one-on-one business coaching sessions with me during the retreat.

  • A VIP Upgrade option adds three 50-minute coaching sessions with me before the retreat.

  • A fire ceremony to release energy that no longer serves you and create space for dynamic new intentions for growth & prosperity.

  • And an off-campus excursion that will showcase the local culture and offer first-hand experience of life on the island (add on).
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Set aside time to focus on yourself (and your business) and surround yourself with experts who can guide you to the next level. Explore your thoughts, feelings, and strategies while exploring this beautiful corner of the world…

  • Imagine yourself on the sunny shores of Ometepe Island, swimming in an organic & all-natural pool, surrounded by views of the largest lake in Central America, being served the most delicious & nutritious meals you’ve ever tasted while getting hands-on 1-on-1 business support from me.

  • What if you could eliminate the pressures of your day-to-day life stressors & submerge yourself in a pool of good friends, fellow creators, and manifestors who have your best interest at heart and who help expand your awareness on exactly how to live your most abundant & fulfilled life?

  • Imagine being completely transformed after our six days together, to the point where your thoughts, behaviors, and habits change to serve your highest and most abundant self.
  • Imagine never having to second-guess yourself because you’re so tapped into your intuition and in your flow state; you always know the next step that will take you to your next level. 
  • What if you could expand your paradigm on money and receive more of it at once so that you can buy the land, build the house, care for your parents, take the vacation, pay off debt, or invest in your savings? 
At the end of those six days, you will emerge feeling so super supported that you’ll know exactly how to:

  • scale your business with a 1-to-many offer,

  • get the tools to expand your $100K+ money mindset, and

  • tap into your intuition so you don’t waste time in self-doubt, fear, or procrastination.
This business & self-care retreat is for you if…

  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to learn the tools to build & scale your business with a 1-to-many offer without always having to trade your time for money.

  • You want 1-on-1 coaching support without your usual day-to-day distractions so that you can focus 100% of your attention on your business, mindset, & overall health.

  • You’re ready to escape winter and create with high-vibrational people who are in alignment with you and your highest purpose, all within a sunny and supportive environment.

  • You want an all-inclusive experience with delicious & nutritious meals at a safe & luxurious retreat center so that your mind and body can operate at peak performance.

  • You’re a soul-led adventurer. You want to immerse yourself in activities to improve your health, connect you with your intuition, and expand your money mindset so that you can receive larger amounts of money, all while getting your personalized strategy to launch your first or next 1-to-many offer.
With that renewed clarity and sense of purpose, you can confidently move forward and accomplish your desires, both in business and in life.
So join me for the adventure of a lifetime to kick off your best year yet. (Did I mention you can write it off as a business expense?)
Put an end to the struggles that have kept your business from growing. Spread your wings for a coaching retreat like no other!

Ready to say yes to your next adventure? 
Registration is OPEN!

Your investment is JUST $1897 for the retreat and includes all meals, workshops, and coaching.

PLUS, the first six to register will get a private bungalow at  Wanderlust Utopia! Snag your solo room while they’re still available…

***UPDATE 5 spots already taken, only 3 spots left! AND JUST 1 PRIVATE Lake Side BUNGALOW LEFT!!!

The retreat starts on Thursday April 14th at 4pm and ends Tuesday April 19th  by 12pm (plan to arrive on the 14th by 4pm or earlier on the 13th for an optional add-on). You will be greeted with snacks, fresh juices, coffee & we'll have a group welcome dinner around 6pm,

Where to fly? You'll fly into Liberia, Costa Rica
and we will handle the transport to the island from the airport, the destination is less than 2 hours travel time from Liberia airport. 
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"I built, launched and signed my first high-ticket client within 1 month of launching my business thanks to Meredith’s support and accountability! She helped me see my business idea and kept me accountable to make it happen and build a solid business foundation, without stressing or getting stuck in fear! She also gave me the confidence to SELL at a price point I once thought was impossible. I am so grateful I took the leap of faith and began working with her!”
~ Laura Corson, Mindset Coach for ADHD Entrepreneurs

 "Entrepreneurs indeed have to undertake a lot of fear, doubt, confusion and thousands of micro-decisions just to get through the day. This can be an overwhelming and exhausting process for one person to tackle alone. Meredith’s prolific background in psychology, international economics, and marketing create a symphony of sharp direction for those of us lost in the sea of our own creations. There are so many brilliant ideas and brilliant entrepreneurs who lack the support system to see their dream into a reality. Meredith holds space until you can see that your dream and reality are truly one in the same."
~  Ashley Belin, Energy Healer for Humans, Pets & Spaces 

"Meredith is an amazing human and coach. She will always support you and help guide you but make no mistake – she will push you past your comfort zone. Her style is unlike any other. If you’re ready to get out of your routine and into your flow, she’s got you!"
~Jessa Lin, Intuition & Mindset Coaching

"Meredith has such an inspiring, positive energy, and the longer we talked the more certain I was I needed to work with her! The Success Blueprint she set me up with is such a great comprehensive service. I truly could just take that and run with it. However, knowing how I do, I took a feel-good leap of faith and signed right up for 3 months of 1:1 coaching. I know Meredith is going to help me scale my business to the next level, and help keep me aligned and thriving at the same time! Thank you, Meredith!"
~ Micha Mayotte, Creative Artist & Workshop Facilitator